BE & D Bags?

  1. Has anyone bought the BE & D bags? Are they worth the money? I like this one at Betgdorfs.
  2. I got the very same at Saks back in November. It's the Brando, right? During that presale, it was marked down to $495 with an additional 30% off, so I thought it was a good deal. The leather was soft and it came with an ID/authenticity tag. I noticed it was made in Costa Rica.

    The reason I returned it was because the leather was wrinkled when I got it. I firgured it would wrinkle easily and it was noticeable. I wanted a traveling bag and with the wrinkles on there without even using it, I thought it might not last that long because of the thin leather. It's a good size bag!

    Oh, I also searched and search on TPF to see if anyone else had it, but had no luck.
  3. I have the black woven one - it is gorgeous but very heavy.
  4. I love the look of those bags, but they are very $$$ and I'm just not sure. Some of them are too big, and the smaller sizes I can't find. For the price I think I would rather get a Bottega Veneta.
  5. Ive seen some photos of their bags on net-a-porter and they look quite nice. Does anyone know if they have a website?

  6. I don't think they have their own website, but are available at quite a few internet shopping sites, Neiman's and other smaller vendors - google Be and D.
  7. Thank you. pursemania That's what I thought after I googled them and couldnt find any webpage.
  8. This is their website. But I don't think they sell the actual purses on the website.

    BE&D : Handbags
  9. I just bought one and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!
  10. I am torn. I love the styles but the finishes seem a little cheap looking to me....
  11. green_eggs - i am waiting on a be & d 'concrete' stella via ups. once i receive it, i'll let you know my take on the finish. i just got a choco paddy, which is a tough act to follow.

  12. Hi - I have 2 BE and D Crawford Totes, one in Chocolate and one in Gunmetal. I love the style of them, although they are quite heavy. I did have an Ava City last year I bought, but returned b/c one of the bottom three straps broke at the stitching, luckily it was pretty new that NM's took it back no problem. I find the leather of my Crawfords is nice, but fragile since it is deerskin, but with any expensive back, this is going to happen.
  13. About the Be & D finish - the "concrete" Stella I received had the strangest leather I've ever seen. I was not thrilled so I sent it back.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that Lainee! I have a crawford tote, and the leather is the thing I love most about it - so soft and squishy! I guess they use different leathers for their bags.