Be & D bags

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  1. Do any of you ladies own Be & D bags? If so, how would you rate them? I'm interested in purchasing a hobo or satchel. TIA!
  2. I have a garbo satchel and a clutch... I love them!!! My mom and my cousin both have garbo satchels too.

    BE & D do free repairs so that's another plus.
  3. I never really got into them... the only ones i seem to recognize are the ones with the grommets... do they all have so many grommets on them??
  4. I :heart: the Be&D west satchels. :love: These are very well made, deerskin leather I believe, and lined in soft suede.:tup::tup:

  5. They had this bag at the Nieman Last Call yesterday in Atlanta. It was in brown or a teal green-it was marked at around $500 with another 40% off. It was somewhere around $280.
  6. I love Be&D. I have a Crawford tote, and it's one of my favorite winter bags. If you do a search, there are lots of threads about their bags.