Be&D bag pictures - keeper?

  1. I got this bag for a great price. Love the color. Nice leather. Functional outside pockets. Just not sure I'm loving the purse. Opinions?
    purse 002.jpg
    purse 003.jpg
    Copy of purse 001.jpg
  2. If you like the leather and the price, I say keep it!
  3. The leather seems yummy!

    I think that if you got the bag at a really good price and it works for you, then it is a keeper! If you purchased it at full price or a little less, and you still feel iffy about it, then you should return it and save up for something you will really enjoy.

    I returned a B&D bag because I felt the leather would get easily scuffed and scratched.
  4. It does have some marks on it (light scratches) but for some reason I don't mind on this bag. I want to see it get broken in (don't' usually feel that way). It was a bag that was made for the spring line, I think, and they decided not to include it in the line. So it went to Loehmanns. It would have sold (they told me when I emailed them) for $895 and I got it for $190. So I guess I don't have to absolutely love it. There's still room in the budget for more bags.
  5. it looks like a great bag!
    i think it's a keeper
  6. I like it and it seems like it would be functional too, but if you don't think you'd actually use it much or use very little, then I would return it. Even at $200 w/room left for other items you love, if you don't carry it, it is still wasted money, in my view.
  7. I love it - and awesome price for a b&d bag. I love mine - quality is outstanding IMO.
  8. I can't get over the price - keep it! If you change your mind after the "break in" period - eBay baby!! :smile:
  9. I think it looks great on you and it was definitely an amazing deal. But my philosophy is if I don't love it I don't keep it. So if you're not going to use it, no need in just letting it sit in your closet.
  10. I like the asymmetrical pocket and it's a great versatile color. Why are you iffy on it?
  11. I like it, its cute!
    I say keep it:biggrin:

  12. It might take therapy to answer that question. I guess the short answer would be I like the bag (I actually think it's the perfect shade of brown for my purposes) but I can't stop looking at others. If I could stay out of stores for a while and off of this forum, maybe I could be satisfied for a while.

    Thanks for you input.
  13. Oh, I see. You seem to have the same problem I do!:lol::lol:
  14. I'm not really loving it. I don't like the cut of the pockets. Just my opinion though.

  15. LOL - don't we ALL feel like this!?????!!!!