Be cautious with this seller...

  1. 2earthangels06

    I have been wanting an all black aurora by zac posen, and she had one posted for $550. I was a little skeptical because all of her listings are private, but she has 100% positive feedback. Anyway, since I couldn't get the zac authenticated. I posted 3 of her eBay listings (kooba, ysl, and miu miu) on the "authenticate this" threads. All the responses I recieved told me her bags are FAKE!

    Now my question is, should I report all 4 bags to eBay??? I am not sure how to go about doing that, or if I need to send proof??

    Thanks so much to all the helpful people on the PF!!!!! :smile:
  2. Yes report them!! You don't need to prove that the bags are fake, just report them and eBay will determine their fake-ness however they do it.

    Do you need the links?
  3. I found the links and reported them. Thanks!