Be Careful with the Chanel Sales at NM and Saks

  1. Just wanted to post a reminder/warning to people buying stuff at the Chanel sales at NM and Saks-especially if you're buying over the phone without looking at what you're buying.

    Some of the stuff is very...roughed up -or at least it was in the two stores I was in in Atlanta. I picked up a Cambon pochette, and there were scratches all over it. It really looked like someone took a rake to it! Another had a blue stain on the bottom outside. When I pointed this stuff out to the SA she said that everything was in "as-is" condition and that if it was bad enough (like the blue stain) they'd give an extra 10% off (not really worth it to me).

    So if you're calling over the phone, ask the SA about the condition of the bag/wallet/whatever you're buying!
  2. Good advice! I asked my NM s/a to please give me a fresh bag from stock and look it over for scratches, stains, tears, etc. I called a few days before the presale - before the merchandise was put out for display - which I hope will work in my favor. She promised me it will be perfect upon receipt. I will be so sad if it isn't; it's my first Chanel bag purchase! And my dream Chanel to boot.

    Why would a s/a condone selling merchandise in poor condition? So many do it, and it is just wrong!
  3. Thanks for the heads up
  4. oh my! thank you for the warning! you'd figure the SAs would just take ten seconds out of their time to look the merchandise over before shipping it out to their customer, but i guess not :shocked:
  5. And make sure it has the ID card in it. The CORRESPONDING ID card. Number on card must match the ID number on the bag. They are scattered everywhere.
  6. So what happens during these sales anyway? The s/a's put everything out and it's a free for all with customers?? Or do they have display items out and more in back to sell from?
  7. where might i find the id number on a cambon pochette?
  8. At the Saks I was at it was a free for all. It was whatever was out on the shelves was it. Take it or leave it. Granted, if it wasn't in the condition I was happy with (I don't think no blue stain is too much to ask), the SA was willing to call around to different stores to try and find the item.

    I don't know what the conditions at other stores are like.
  9. Hmm, everyone talks about how durable the cambon line is but does it really scratch that easily? I'd hate to think I just forked over $2K for a bag that is going to scratch...
  10. Great, now you guys have me worried!! Regardless, the sale bags from NM and Saks are still returnable right? I know that the Gucci sale bags are final sale!
  11. Oh wow! I never even thought to ask if the bags were final sale or not. You would think that the SA would mention that, no?
  12. I am completely paranoid now about the condition of the bags that I am anxiously awaiting!! I had to deal with one rude SA at Saks that was very hesitant to inform me that the bowler I was about to purchase via phone was scratched. After hassling her about every inch of the bag, she mentioned a scratch right on the front of the bag and then reminded me that it was 40% off. Umm, no thank you!
  13. thanks for the heads up. I was going to motor down to Phipps this weekend and take a look.
  14. My tote came just fine, but one of the pearls in the Chanel earrings I ordered was rolling around in the box. When I return them, I need them to either fix them or more preferably get me a new pair.
  15. I think this is true of all sale items at department stores.