BE CAREFUL cleaning Vernis with Magic Erase!

  1. I got all crazy with my Vernis cleaning. I bough the extra strength MR. Clean magic erase and scrubbed the bajeezus out of my silver agenda - did nothing to the deep set grime.
    But then I went to work on a pen mark on my rose pink backpack.

    I scrubbed too hard and took a little of the shine off of one of the fleurs - it's a little duller now (and a tad lighter) - not super noticable but :crybaby: nontheless.

    Anyhoo - BE CAREFUL!!!

    (I don't have a camera right now but I will take pics when mine comes)
  2. thanks for letting us know! i was wondering how that would work on the vernis line as i use that thing to scrub the tiles in my bathroom! sorry to hear your bag got a bit tarnished in the process.
  3. thanks for letting us know!
  4. That is very scary. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Maybe extra strength doesn't work as well?
  6. Thank you..for ur info.
  7. Yikes! Another reason why I would never take a cleaning product to my ludlow!
  8. Sorry about your Vernis backpack. Thank you for sharing !
  9. Thank you for the info.
  10. I was thinking that too....also, probably depends on the color of the vernis. Since the bag I used it on was beige....not alot of color pigment to remove.
  11. Thanks for letting us know, did it get the pen mark out though? I have one pen mark on one of my items and I'd love to get that off!
  12. Has anyone used Magic Eraser on Epi red?
  13. No pen mark off either! It did remove pen off the vachetta though.

    I had already scribbed everything with regular Mr. clean but I think the extra strength is too much Mr. Clean power :yes:
  14. Oh sorry to hear that.
    Thanks for sharing. It may save someone else from the same thing.
  15. yes. id be careful with extra strength!
    im kinda paraniod about my lvs, id be scared to use magic eraser!