BE Canadian Lovers!


Apr 16, 2007
A few questions for you, since I ran a search but didn't find too much.

1) When you ordered your BE bag, did you get it sent Royal Mail?
2) When you got it sent Royal Mail did you get charged any duties on the package?
3) If you didn't get charged duties, did you get charged taxes?

Thanks so much! I know I will probably end up paying taxes if I do order a purse but I am worried about getting charged duties as well (since the UK is not under NAFTA...)


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May 23, 2007
Here are my 2cents...

1) I requested my order to be shipped via Royal Mail after I made my purchase.
2) This is my first BE order so I can't speak to BE orders specifically, but I have been charged customs fees on other items shipped from Europe.
3) I don't know the specific definition of "duties", I thought that was slang for taxes. What we will get charged (more than likely) are the GST and PST + a $5 customs handling fee. If we were to have used DHL we would have had brokerage fees on top of the previously mentioned charges. Not fun at all to pay an additional $40 for basically nothing.

I am delighted that Jackie has decided to offer us Royal Mail as an option for shipping!


Feb 1, 2008
I have ordered three bags from BE and all came via Royal Mail as per my request. So far, only one has been assessed by CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency), i.e., "CUSTOMS".

I was charged 20% DUTY plus 5% GST.

The reason that DUTY comes into play is that the bags are coming from the UK. If the bag was coming from US or Mexico, due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) you wouldn't pay the DUTY just the GST (and likely PST) plus a small carrier fee ($5).

This is a great guide to reference:

Why do some packages get assessed and others don't? I have no idea - it seems to be the luck of the draw.

Hope this helps!


Sep 23, 2007
I have had 3 shipments from BE. One via DHL and I was charged $80.00 in duties/taxes for 2 bags. The other 2 were shipped via Royal Mail and one I wasn't charged anything and the other I was charged a whopping $160.00 for 2 LMM!!


Apr 16, 2007
Thanks for the help! :tup: I was mainly curious to see if people were charged duties or only tax. I think I will probably end up paying duties + tax since the customs office my packages pass thru seem to be very through if the package is worth more than $150 :tdown: Oh well, I guess I will just have to save up more money!