be broke and Bbagged?

  1. hi everyone...i don't really have many designer items, can't afford it really. graduated from college recently and pretty much unemployed. a year ago i was in hong kong and i saw this really cute purse from a street vendor and bought it, only to come home and discover that it was a balenciaga-inspired bag (no clue what balenciaga was back then). since i've been hearing about how great the 06 leather is for white and i've been longing for a white balenciaga ever since i was too ashamed to use my fake, i'm thinking of taking the plunge and splurging on a 06 bianco first from aloha rag. but i don't know...maybe i should hold out and wait until i have some more money...? or look for a good used one...? :confused1:
  2. Welcome to the forum, Chynaxdawl! I'd wait and keep saving on a nice b-bag, they'll be around for awhile and you'll be in a better position to really enjoy your b-bag without worrying too much on the financing part. Goodluck, sweetie! patient, you'll get you b-bag soon enough.
  3. well said purse mama:yes:
  4. I had the same dilemma - go used or buy new - when I was considering my first bbag purchase.

    However, I realized that especially for whites, it's better to go new because used white bags have a higher tendency of being dirty, scruffes, marks etc. While you may be able to find a white one in pristine condition, those are hard to come by (on ebay) and tend to have prices that are fairly close to the original retail.

    So my advice is save up for a new one - I did it :yes::yahoo:
  5. I agree and what a fabulous purchase to be saving up for.
  6. I agree - buy new for white for sure!! Maybe ask for some money instead of gifts this year, and that can go towards your first bbag!
  7. I'm still in college... perpetually poor it seems! I just save and scrimp and save and keep an eye out for deals... it's a lot of waiting though. :yes: :flowers:
  8. don't worry, they seem to do white every season now so you won't miss out!
  9. Great advice, Pyrexia and Tweetie!
  10. FIRST of all i'd like to say welcome!! SECONDLY i wanna say: awww i totally feel you! im so sorry you're stuck in that dilemma! i agree with everyone else. although i know you've been wanting it, think about the practicality for now. especially because it's going to be your first bbag, you would want it to be brand new. not that there's anything wrong with a used one. my first chloe is second-hand :yes: & i love her to death! i guess it depends on personal preference.

    but it wouldnt hurt to save up a bit for a new one since a good & authentic used one would cost almost just as much anyway. pls be careful with ebay b/c i know how it is to wanna take the plunge especially if the price looks really good & you want one so bad, but since you're on the forum now, make sure you ask the ladies what their thoughts are on authenticity first ok! the last thing you need is to lose out on money.

    but about the being broke & bbagged, i'm finishing up my last yr of pharmacy school & im workin 2 jobs & guess what, im still broke half the time b/c i keep buying these freaken bags!! but for me, having the bags compensates for me being broke, so in the end, im happy :P

    sorry this post was so damn long
  11. Save up for a brand new white b-bag!! You will love it to death! :smile:
  12. thanks a lot for the advice, girls! i'll scrimp & save for the day i'll have a white bbag of my own! =)
  13. :flowers: aaww... i'm in the same position.... tho i'm still in college.. :yucky:
    recently i've been doing odd jobs and working as a DISHWASHER in a bistro and i finally got my cornflower box!! :love: and it was totally worth it....
  14. I know how you feel! I'm a college student myself, and saving up for these bags is time consuming, especially since you (or at least i) usually end up blowing money on other expensive things along the way. But when you finally have enough for what you've been saving up for, it'll totally be worth it!

    just got myself an on-campus job, hoping by the end of the semester i should have enough $$ saved for the beautiful blue india, i guess we'll see

    good luck on your saving endevors, and be sure to buy it new from the store :yes: