BE blog updated!!!!!

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  1. yea! I love that she's putting information on the 'one-off' bags. What a great way to let us know.
  2. Thanks PinkDiamond. I loved reading her blog and it reminded me to keep up with TG's blog which is also always enlightening as well.

  3. thanks for the heads up -- the blog was a nice read. i appreciate jackie's references to shopping for bespokes and one-offs but am unsure i would have checked the blog to shop.

    maybe it would be more helpful if the inventory for these most limited bespoke and one-offs was included among the current season's in stock availability?

    it would also be helpful if an associated photo of these most limited bags was posted along with the items' price. :yes:
  4. ^^I can vouch that the black crash Indulge Me rocks! I love this bag...!
  5. Aha - found it! I knew I'd seen this thread... I just posted in the lounge thread that the blog has been updated again today. A feature on stylish mums...
  6. Sadly it had just been sold when I phoned BE.
  7. Yes I saw that - it is divine - but there is only a Fuscia one left and that wouldn't be quite me.
  8. Hey, that blog article on A Mother's Adventures is one of our lovely tPF ladies, I'm sure of it! I won't out you (I'll leave that to your discretion), but I do recognize the name... congrats, Laura! You have a beautiful family!
  9. ^^Oh Gosh, now I'm going to be going through all the threads trying to deduce who it is! LOL!

    Jenova, I'm sorry you didn't get the bag :sad: Did you ask Ashley or Jackie if maybe they can keep an eye out for you? Sometimes they can work their magic without a bespoke order!
  10. aff has a smoky black available:

    Belen Echandia Smoky Black Indulge Me


    Unbelievably thick, soft, and distressed leather combined with tons of pockets makes Belen Enchandia’s Smoky Black Indulge Me a winner! Worn a few times, it’s in excellent condition and comes with a dustbag. The bag has three compartments inside – two large zipped compartments on either side of a compartment with a magnetic closure. One of the zipped compartments has a zipped pocket inside and the other one has a slide pocket inside. Gold hardware, the nine inch drop to the handles, the easy access, AND the cute design give this a gold metal!