BE Bespoke Bliss!!! Limited Time ONLY!!!


Sep 25, 2007
Ladies......THE best news!!! For a limited time, Jackie has agreed to let us go WILD and order any bag we want, in any style, in any color, choice of hardware color, and NO bespoke fee!!! :faint:

Uh DH is rolling his eyes as I'm making my list......:rolleyes: I figure, what's another bag or five????!!!!! :P Besides, I have a couple of gifts I need to buy for time like the present!!!

Read about it here (and below!)

BREAKING NEWS…. BREAKING NEWS….I have had so many requests this week for different things that I have decided that there will be a moratorium on the extra charge for a bespoke order until 20 October 2008 to help people to get what they want.
In other words, until 20 October 2008, you can order any bag in any colour and not pay any extra for the service for bags to be delivered any time up until Christmas. It will cost the usual price of the bag, plus the shipping. I just felt that unless we did this there would be a lot of people waiting for others to make up their minds to see whether their order would go ahead.
All you need to do is place your deposit on the website stating what it is for. At present we do not have a proper way of ordering the bespokes on the internet, so for now just do the following:

1. Choose your style

2. Choose your leather from:
• Matte Tan
• Matte Chocolate
• Apple matte
• Purple Matte
• Matte dark grey
• Glossy purple
• Glossy petrol
• Glossy wine
• Apple glossy
• Glossy red
• Glossy fuchsia
• Choc pebble glossy
• Black pebble glossy
• Plum crash
• Chocolate crash
• Pewter crash
• Black crash
• Mustard w sheen
• Cream croc
• Tan croc
• Python – price on request – MULBERRY, SAND, PURPLE, BLACK, wine, PEWTER

3. Choose your hardware

4. Place a deposit online stating all the details including when you want the bag to be delivered

5. State your delivery date - only at this point will you pay the oustanding amount.

We will get back to you and confirm



Sep 25, 2007
How Exciting. I can't take it!!!!!:yahoo:

I know!!! There are at least 5 or 6 different bags I want!!!! I can't resist!!!

I just ordered the Choco Glossy Hug Me and Tan TMAnywhere. Debating the Dark Grey TMA and I still want the new Hobo in Tan!

Priorities though....I need a martini to get me through the excitement!!!

Hey Citychris!!! :supacool:


Jan 5, 2008
The reason I have done this is because there were so many people wanting different things that it was creating confusion - this way you can all decide what YOU want and just get it.

I just need to clarify that we cannot make individual Angel Purses, Kiss Me Clutches or Flirt With Me bags in this way.

By the way to clarify that the bespoke extra is NOT a 'fee'. Less than 8 bags have to be produced by a different person and the timing is different. I know it is difficult to get one's head around production, but in essence workshops usually require minimums like 100 per piece in black (and that is small, 5,000 is more the norm). So our workshop already does VERY small minimums (8-10) but they would go bankrupt making pieces one by one, so I have found a lady who can make smaller minimums but it takes her longer.

So in this case, I am not 'waiving a fee', Belen Echandia will be paying the extra for you. It is very important to me to pay the people who make our bags fairly - I want them to flourish not die out as other workshops have :smile:



Sep 11, 2007
I think it would be yummy - but yummier still in the black pebble soft glossy or black crash. X

Thanks, Jackie....

Yes... would it be possible to have black pebble soft glossy on one side and black crash on the other... i'd have TWO bags in one that way just by turning the Hold Me....

Was this bag ever produced in charcoal grey or have i been dreaming about it?


Satans Little Helper
Dec 16, 2006
I'm confused...does this mean we don't need to wait for a full order to happen with tons of other people?

Because I'm about to be a very busy girl...right up until Mr.GGA takes away my cards.


Sep 11, 2007
Yes, that's what it means... this is going to be crazy... i can picture the poor woman making hundreds of different bags... she may resign too soon!
PS I dont have anyone to take my cards away... but the banks will very soon...