Be back in 2 weeks!

  1. Birkin is going abroad, again! :yes: I managed to pack my essentials on her, woosh! :sweatdrop: She's so excited to take a trip and meet lovely people along the way! :yahoo:

    I'll miss you guys and I'll try to check in as much as possible.
  2. Have a great time!! Enjoy your travels!
    (I will the Tuesday updates, but will have to use your absence as an excuse to get into some trouble of my own)....
  3. Thanks sarah-girl!
  4. See you soon! Looking forward to your update and pix when you return! P.S. I got my poncho today! I love it! Thx for doing such a good job modeling yours!
  5. ^^Yay! You got it! Isn't it gorgeous?!! Which color did you get?

    I love mine and I wish it would be colder now so I can wear it!!!!
  6. wow, good luck on your trip and enjoy it...
  7. Have fun!! and what poncho did you get ? I love ponchos.. I want to see it!? is this the H poncho? I tried it on.. but it was too big for me..
  8. Have fun and have a great trip!
  9. Whoa! It comes in more than one color?!? I got the color called anthracite--looks like charcoal grey to me and it looks like yours! :love:
  10. Yeap ... In person, I've seen beigish brown and the anthracite! There's also a golden dark brown that I saw at the RTW runway catalog and I love that color too!
  11. Yes, it's the H poncho. It's the perfect size for me and I'm small 4'10" without heels.

    Here's a pic:

  12. Hope you and the little one have a great trip, LaVan! :smile:
  13. Have a great trip and vacation!:balloon: :beach:
  14. Have a safe trip!! You will be missed!!!
  15. my dear have a fabulous holiday enjoy yourself and you will be missed [​IMG] [​IMG]