Be Aware!!!

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen. I've noticed that the PF has gained a lot of recognition and popularity the past few weeks. I've also noticed that there's been quite a few requests for pics of PF members with their bags. I don't know about you but I feel kind of uneasy doing so unless I've stamped my picture before posting. This is the internet and not everyone in this world is honest. People who sell bags online can easily take our pictures and use it for their auctions to sell. Has anyone else thought of this? This has really bothering me for a couple of days now and I just wanted to share and want all of you to be aware. Please stamp your pictures before posting them online.

    i.e. stamped.JPG
  2. You are absolutely right! I for one definitely need to learn how to watermark my pics. I hardly ever post them anyway, but when I do, I should be safe about it. Thanks for pointing it out though!
  3. Thank you! I just have to learn how to watermark now...
  4. True, but I really don't think that the pictures of PF members holding their bags is going to do anything for a scammer's listing??? It's the closeup pictures of the bags that everyone needs to worry about.
  5. Do yall just take it into Paint/Photoshop and just put text over it to watermark?
  6. I always do that to mine. I had the same concern about scammers stealing my photos and passing them off as their own.

    I just use Paint to put my name over it a couple of times like this:
  7. Really good point. (I mean the point of the original post).
  8. You don't have to "watermark" necessarily. You could just use the type tool in a graphics program to type your screen name and put it somewhere across the picture where potential photo-stealers wouldn't be able to crop it out. Kinda like jstreete did.

    I just put my name across the photo in the font "Velvet" in white, then set the transparency to around 15 to 20 percent, so the type is still visible :biggrin:
  9. If you wanna get real low-tech, you can put a piece of paper with your name on it in the picture ;)
  10. that's true to but to those who're new to auctions and buying items online like to see how the item would fit them. so a picture of someone carrying a bag would be a great way to sell it. people can be very deceiving when it comes to perpetrating themselves.
  11. oh sure, they'd just crop the bag out of the pic!

    Yes, watermarking is EASY, just write the text on in a photoediting program and lower it's opacity.
    I think this is VERY importnat, if anyone needs help or is in a bind feel free to PM me, I'll watermark for you if you need it for tPF or help you learn.
  12. Haha, God, I guess I wouldn't make a good scammer. I didn't think of that... :sick:
  13. LOL! I play w/ Photoshop A LOT, I think of a lot of stuff photo related!
  14. Thank you for reminding us. I've always been extra careful when it comes to posting things (pix) on the internet.
  15. is that your bag in the pic?