be aware of this website

  1. :cursing:
    please all do not think ever to buy from milan828.comxxxxx :Big liers i sent 195 dollers for fendi

    bag that i loved , after i sent the money i did not recieve my bag also the numebr they gave is wrong
    please guys tell that to all friends .....DON'T trust the new and rare models becuase it is a fake web site .....any body needs all emails i can send to check ..................i love you all
  2. Jst viewd da website and da Fendi's are such bad Fakes.
  3. Girl, that sucks, but $195 for a Fendi? Definitely too good to be true.
  4. thanks for the heads up!!
  5. So Sorry This Happened To You
  6. I feel sorry for you.
  7. Im sorry that that happen to you. Did ever get your money bag?
  8. wow sorry maybe you can report them somewhere =(
  9. I am sorry to hear that it happen to you. I checked their website and all the prices does not make sense. They are selling the Fendi B bag for $179?... It can not happen..
    I think that they are China replicas manufacturer. I heard that many of China replicas manufacturers prefer to use EMS courier to avoid U.S.Customs inspections. You can report to 1-866-NOTFAKE.:smile: