be aware of the following ebay scam -->

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  1. hi everyone,

    i was almost a victim to this scam so i wanted to warn other TPF'ers about it.

    recently, i placed a bid on a classic chanel flap. i did not win the bag. however, a week or two later i was sent an email for a "second chance offer". the format of the email was EXACTLY like Ebay's format. the "second chance offer" meant that i was the second highest bidder, and was still able to purchase the bag because the winning bidder did not pay. The real Ebay company also allows for this "second chance" option.

    the email asked me to wire money to Ebay's company (called an escrow or notary or something similar) that acts to hold onto the money to protect me (the buyer). after i send the money, the fake Ebay company would hold onto the money and not release it to the seller until the seller sends me the bag.

    of course...if i ever wired real money away....that'd be the last i see of it.

    i already forwarded the information to ebay's fraud department. i really shake my head at these people who would rather put this effort into stealing someone's money rather than earning it honestly.
  2. Did someone hack into the eBay system to get your information and know you bid on the item? That is scary.

  3. That's a good point.. :sad:
  4. Maybe you should change your password on your Ebay account just to be on the safe side. This sounds way to fishy to me.
  5. Phishing :yes:
  6. Thanks for sharing, indeed scary.
  7. yes, i changed my ebay password right away! unfortunately, after forwarding it to the Ebay fraud department, i haven't heard back from them
  8. Scary!! Yah it irks me to see what lengths ppl go to try to scam someone than just genuine hard work to become more successful.... C'mon ppl!!
  9. ..are you sure is it not from the REAL ebay?
    I know that some luxury bags sellers actually prefer payment methods like instead of Paypal because it protects the seller as well.
    Paypal tends to always side with the buyer (for example, if the buyer receives a bag from the seller and claims that he/she has never received it, Paypal will most likely side with the buyer), on the other hand, Escrow holds the money until the bag is received and checked. When the buyer says "okay", the money will be released to the seller. If the buyer is not okay with the bag, then the money will be held until the bag is sent back to the seller and checked by the seller. So in this sense, it protects the buyer and the seller.

    I have used this service once as a buyer and found it quite a good alternative as it gives both me AND the seller a peace in mind :smile:

  10. This happened to me years ago. I was out bidded on a Chanel auction and the next day received a second chance offer from eBay. When I accepted the seller was rushing me to pay since she was going on vacation and wanted to mail the bag asap. First she said paypal only, then said that paypal froze her account and the only way she could access the money was through a third party I did not recognize or Western Union. When she said Western Union, I knew something was fishy so I told her I was not comfortable with the transaction. She wrote me a nasty email about wasting her time, blah, blah blah....

    I contacted eBay and they told me that I did the right thing. Be careful and when in doubt, contact ebay.
  11. That's scary, so is it the seller trying to scam or this fake ebay?
  12. that's so bad, you thought we could be safe with ebay and paypal, makes me worry. :sad:
  13. I also think time to change your passwords
  14. It seems there is always a new scam! Thanks for posting this one. Glad you weren't taken in on it.
    Yes, when in doubt ...don't. Be safe everyone:smile:)