BE Angel Purse...What do YOU use it for?

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  1. Hi Be Gals. Just got my Pewter Angel Purse. Very chunky. Very thick leather. Very heavy... Do we likey?

    I have to say I'm surprised by the heaviness. I hope the leather gets soft...because right now it is tres stiff.

    What do you use your Angel Purse for? As a wallet? Cosmetics? Do tell!

  2. If you have a free moment, would you mine posting photos of the inside? I'm dying to see what it looks like. :smile:

  3. I haven't got one and I haven't seen one irl, but I have wondered what is it actually for?
    And I've come to the conclusion that although it probably could be used for a wallet or a cosmetics bag, it really seems to be aimed at the following :-

    a) As a small clutch for partying young ladies (bit of makeup, mobile, keys, money)

    b) As a small purse if you're doing a quick dash to the shops

    c) As a small bag for taking to the hairdressers, pedicurists (see other threads of woe re. ruined bags), facialist etc. so you can clutch it to your bosom under whatever robes safe in the knowledge that it isn't going to get splattered with chemicals.

    d) As a small bag carrying mobile, keys, makeup, money etc. in a handheld shopper or tote bag (I think it would make things easier).

    I could definitely use it for b,c and d!!! Bit too old for a) unfortunately ......!!!
  4. ^^^^Thanks for these ideas! I must say, I do like the chunkiness of it. It looks really cute and is very sensual to hold in the hand. I got the Pewter Crash, because I wanted some bling in a small package. Was too afraid to get an entire purse in a metallic, but this is just the right sparkle in my purse. And with this bling...I could definitely take it out, when I travel, and convert it into an evening clutch. I love things that can be used in a variety of ways. Good idea!

    I am using mine as a cosmetics clutch inside my handbag. I like that it is so small -- forcing me to keep it simple! Otherwise...the cosmetic collection grows and grows...!
  5. I could imagine using it as a small hand-held purse...wristlet type thing without the wrist band. It's funny, tropicalgal, you mention that you got it in the pewter because you wanted some bling, but didn't want to do an entire purse. I'm starting to feel this way about the mustard - I still have an issue with the pebbling, so maybe a mustard angel purse is the way to I think it would look divine inside any bag!
  6. I would love to see pics too!
  7. I have the wine AP that Jackie sent me with my SM as a "thanks for being so patient with us" as I waited several months for my bag to be ready.

    It holds 2 full size lipsticks, cellie or keys (not both), all my credit cards, loose receipts, and cash/coins. I carry it in when I don't want to carry my handbag, and it is awesome. I love it!
  8. I think that the Angel Purse is darling, but for the price I'd rather get a regular handbag. It would make an excellent clutch for running in and out of stores though. I'm just too cheap to pay that much for such a small piece. I do love it though, it's so cute!
  9. I would like to see the inside of the purse. Anybody have pictures of the inside of an AP?
  10. As soon as camera is up and running, I'll take pix. I know someone already posted pix of their Angel Purse insides...
  11. I think it's one of those bags that you don't know you need, but once you've got it, you don't know how you managed without it!
    And yes, I agree, if you were attracted to a colour but were a bit unsure that you'de like a full-sized bag in it, an Angel Purse would be perfect for satisfying that desire - I feel that about the Fiamma Red!!! :shame:
    I am really dying to see your pewter!!!!
  12. ^^Thank you.^^
  13. You are exactly right! It is small yet holds a lot. The shape is highly unusual too -- never really seen something like this before. And I love opening my purse and seeing this pewtery metallic blinging up at me. It is bling, but also, very sophisticated bling. So yes, it is a great buy and once you have love it. It's a keeper!
  14. Hi, what a "fun" thread you started!

    Of course, I had to chime in. I love love my AP in wine.

    I use it for absolutely everything from my lipstick, credit cards, money and even, my cell phone at times. Basically, this has become my, "wallet".

    Of course, I would love it if Jackie comes out with more choices in her accessories such as larger wallets and agendas. But, for now, I will just keep using my AP for my purposes.

    I appreciate, how it's so compact, that when I run around for errands, I'll often leave my handbag in the car and take my AP. Perfect!