BE and Kooba

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  1. I don't have a lot of bags but they are all BE. I had never seen anything from Kooba until I became a member of TPF. I love the look of some of their designs but was wondering how the leather quality stacks up against BE?

    Anybody got both who can advise? If I were to purchase a Kooba bag, it would have to be online as I haven't found any stocked here in the UK (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong stores!), same goes for Linea Pelle. I don't want to risk buying something online, paying the shipping etc only to be disappointed in the quality.

    I have the following BEs:
    Petrol SMM (gold h/ware)
    Tan Matte Hold Me (gold h/ware)
    Black Cervo Hold Me (purple lining, silver h/ware)
    Choco Matte Hug Me (silver h/ware)

    TMA Midi in Cream Cervo with red lining and gold h/ware
    Aubergine Adore Me with grey lining and silver h/ware
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    I am also in the UK. I have never seen a Kooba either but is your enquiry about Linea Pelle too?

    I have seen and handled Linea Pelle bags and purses (in a boutique in Winchester called Little London. I think that there is another Little London in Chichester and they also have a UK website The Linea Pelle items I looked at were very different to BE products. They were made from thicker softer chunkier leather (which I quite liked) but the bags seemed to be intentionally(?) very roughly finished. I thought they were cute but clumsy. I don't know if they are always like that but I wasn't willing to pay the asking price for the items that I saw.
  3. It depends on what Kooba bags you are looking at... I owned some old Kooba bags, Sienna, Brynne, Sloane, Lena, etc. These bags were made of thick, very durable leather with a ton of character and they wore great. Kooba was about the leather. The newer bags are different in design and leather. I have handled some at stores and they are shiny coated leather that is thin or just thinner leather that is nowhere near as nice in general. I understand that some of the newer bags, like the Ellie, may have nice leather, although that is glazed.

    So, older Kooba v. BE... hard question. They are very different in style to me. BE is more streamlined. BE's sheen and glossy leathers are not as durable as Kooba leather, IMO. The pebbled glossy leather from BE is excellent for durability, but totally different than any Kooba leather I ever owned.

    LP v. BE. I have owned LP and sold it. The styles I picked were not for me. LP is thick, unfinished, and kind of chewy leather in my view. They are nice bags, but to me, the quality is not close to BE. LP looks unfinished (at least the ones I owned) compared to my BE TME midi in the glossy pebbled, for instance. The styling is totally different too. I agree that LP is a "rougher" finished bag and as the bag ages, it does get a lot of character, but it is not for everyone. I think of LP as very casual, boho kind of bags and BE bags can have that vibe, but also work well for both dressy and casual in most instances (or at least what I buy from BE). But, the finishing on BE is better than LP for my taste. I would not carry some LP bags with a suit, for instance, but with the BE bags I have, I would.

  4. I completely agree with Elizat on Linea Pelle. You might love them but I don't think you should buy one long distance.
  5. I own a Kooba Blake and I just noticed it the other day on Luna Boston's website for respectively, 195 & 295 on sale!

    I think Kooba is a great brand for the price point especially and their designs.

    My Kooba also says Made in Italy inside.

    That said, of course I still love my BE's. They really are different. And I enjoy them both!
  6. I have bought and sold probably 100 Koobas. I was there biggest fan. BE bags and Kooba bags are two entirely different animals and it's really hard to make any kind of comparison since BE has a line of different leathers and Koobas tended to change leathers from season to season. In earlier Kooba seasons they has very thick and textured leathers. New bags are thin and chintzy now with alot of problems with dyes, discoloring, and overall cheapness compared to older years. BE leathers vary but have a continuity of the same leathers that vary due to your choice of finishes or types of leather.

    There is absolutely no no link to the Kooba Designer (Abbe Held) or any communications either from her or any staff unless you are purchasing a bag. They have made a feeble attempt to link a bridge from Company to Customer but on most parts fail miserably. As you know BE's Designer (Jackie) keeps a constant interactive relationship with her customers.

    Prices are comparable with BE being slightly more expensive by 100-200.00 and having no discounts. Kooba will have deep discounts throughout the season (most likely to sell off their failed bag sales).

    Linea Pelle bags are so different also since as stated by Jenova, they take on a more raw and unfinished look with their washed leather.

    Comparing all bags the only advice I would give you is stay away from any Kooba post 2007.
  7. That is very strange. Every Kooba bag I have ever had since 2004 were all made in China. Where did you get your bag? Could it be a Prototype?
  8. Wow - thanks for coming back so quickly everyone.

    For me, leather quality is key so I think I'll steer clear of thin, glazed leather. The fakes thread in the Kooba forum also freaked me out.

    I don't have an unlimted budget, so bags that can work casual or with smarter outfits work best for me so maybe LP won't work for me.

    I love that Jackie is so accessible, she gave me great advice on what neutral, light leather would suit the TMA Midi I'm after and I trust her as she really knows the designs and the leathers.
  9. Imagine the result if you put your Choco Matte Hug Me in your washer/dryer by mistake, took it out while it was still a bit damp and then left it in a heap to get some creases. :nuts: You would probably have lineapellerized it!
  10. I agree with what has been said about LP. The leather is very soft, but a more casual look. I think it is very much the California casual look versus Belen Echandia which is more polished with European style.
  11. Same... I have never seen one made in Italy!
  12. I say LP is not your best bet then. If you want to be budget friendly, I would look at ebay, Bonanzle, or other BE sales (like Clutch Seattle, if they ship to the UK and the exchange rate works out for you). There are tons of bags on Bonanzle right, now actually.
  13. I really love some of the Kooba styles but would not say that their quality is anywhere near the level of BE. And i agree with the earlier post, I believe most if not all of their bags are now made in china, which tends to reduce the quality, especially since they are massed produced. I've met the designers of Kooba and they were really nice but i'm not sure they are as interested in listening to the customer as much as BE is. For the $$, I do believe BE is well worth the investment.

    The LP dylan is a design I love but again, BE just feels like a better made bag, imho :smile:
  14. I bought a black leather Kooba Elisha late last year (or maybe very early this year). I found the leather very soft, but thin (I actually liked the leather). BUT I wasn't 100% happy with the stitching at the front .. in one spot the seam is a bit "puckered" and doesn't lay flat. I still use it as my "throw around bag" when I can't be too careful as I think the style is cute, but that seam does bother me (I bought it online though so didn't want to hassle of returning it).
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    I totally agree with Elizat on the old Koobas...I have/had most of the bags Elizat has, and then fact just picked up a Black Brynne, because the old school Kooba leather is stunning. The last new kooba I purchased was a pink Talia...and I agree with Elizat about the newer style leather having a sheen to it. While the Kooba Talia is is very much like my sheen/glossy BE's...except more texture.

    Aslo agree with Elizat on the LP's....which I have had quite a few of also. Totally washed, matte leather on these, very soft, thick and chewy. No BE I have is like them. The BE matte's are in a league all their own.