Be and D Bags

  1. Anybody try the Be and D bags. I have a Crawford in Sand that I got on sale half price a NM one day. The leather is in deer skin and the hardware is gold on my particular bag. When I first saw it I thought the gold may be too much. But, I kept it anyway and really love the soft leather. It is suede inside the bag and has a very soft buttery feel to the leather. I love this bag, and have received may compliments. You just want to crawl inside the bag it is so soft and smells so good. Wonder if anybody has this bag and how do you feel about it?:love:[​IMG] This isn't the bag that I have, but close. Mine is not metallic.
  2. I like the Garbo, but they're a little small for the price. Otherwise I'm not compelled.
  3. I don't particularly like studded handbags, but the leather on the bags seem really nice.
  4. The crawford is not a small bag. Actually it is quite large on me. I am not to into the studded look either, but I was curious. It is quite beautiful in person. If you ever get a chance to check it out you should.
  5. I have the black woven bag - the inside is gorgeous suede. Wish some of the designer bags would line like that. Really nice - but a little heavy. A showstopper, though.
  6. I have the Crawford Cruise in black with a pinkish gold thick strap - It is gorgeous, I don't give it enough outings and I feel bad about that but It has so many siblings!! Buttery is totally an understatement, it is the softest leather I've ever run across - It is top quality craftmanship - I bought mine about 2 years ago when these New York designers were earlly in their career and it was still $950.00 at Saks.
  7. I have a turquoise garbo and a purple metallic studded clutch. the studs aren't too much for me.... when u try it on, it looks different not gawdy at all.. I actually convinced my mom and cousin to get one.
  8. Your right about trying it on. I had some concerns about the studs and the gold hardware, after trying the bag on it really brings alot to my wardrobe since I wear mostly black. My bag is sand with the gold studs. Stunning. I don't find my bag to be heavy.
  9. i have the same one as you in all gold.. i LOVE IT and alwasy get compliments
  10. ^^ i love this bag.. enjoying looking at pictures of ppl wearing it but never got 1 for myself.. no boutique is offering them here in Dubai.
  11. I have 2 Crawfords, one in Chocolate and one in Smoke. After seeing Brittny Gastineau carry the sand one from the E show, I wanted that color, but it was SO, so I settled for the Chocolate, which is very pretty. I love big bags and this one is pretty big! Then I got an Ava Citi in Smoke, but later returned b/c the underneath strap broke. Then the Smoke Crawford came out and that was beautiful grey. I like grey handbags, so I liked this. Because I have so many bags though, I switch them on and off.

    As for the studs, I think this bag is a classic b/c the stud detail on the handle is where the detail is confined too, so the bag itself is all leather.