BDJ in Beige Patent..Nude..Carne..Light Beige..are they all the same color? Pls help!

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  1. I'm about to buy the BDJ in Beige Patent on the ysl website :smile:!{"products":{"203855AB80G":{"size":"U","color":"2348"}}}

    In love with the blush toned nude, medium shade....BUT when I search "beige patent" on google or look at modelling pics posted here, It looks much lighter and more yellow toned...

    Is this the Saks exclusive Carne colour? A different Light Beige? Or are they one and the same? If anyone can pls shed some light, or post real pics of the Beige Patent color, that would help me greatly! I'm not able to see one IRL

  2. Ok I was on my ipad before so couldnt work out how to upload pics instead of links....hope this is clearer?

    This is the Beige Patent on the YSL website that I want to buy:

    ysl website beige patent.png

    This is the Nude Patent on Net a Porter
    net-a-porter nude patent.png

    Most online pics look like the NAP colour e.g. this pic on the tpf ysl ref library which the poster says is called Carne beige patent:

    beige patent on TPF.jpg

    This is what has me uncertain - Eva's BDJ looks light but the website has linked the Beige Patent. It is a blog though so maybe not accurate. Could hers be Carne? A different Beige?

    Eva - beige patent or matte.jpg

    I hope Beige Patent is this color (dont know who this is!!):

    blush nude.jpg

    I won't purchase it if it is indeed the lighter creamy looking beige....

    Am so confused!!
  3. The Saks beige is darker, more like a tan color.