BDJ clutch decisions - would love opinions

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  1. Hi. I'm new to the YSL forum, but after drooling over another TPFr's BDJ clutch, I now have to have one. ;) I'm trying to pick a color. Specifically, I want to use it when I go to NYC for my SIL's wedding weekend. For the wedding I will be wearing a black dress and RM electric blue suede pumps. The party the night before will probably be a blue dress and either black suede or nude patent pumps.

    I thought about getting black patent because it goes with everything and is beautiful, but does it blend too much with a black dress or black jacket? There's also grey, deep red (not sure it goes with blue suede pumps) or burgundy patent on the Saks website. :thinking: Has anyone seen burgundy irl?

    And one last question. This is my first clutch that doesn't have a chain. Do you find it to be a pain that it has to be handheld all the time? TIA!
  2. I also noticed some are $595 and some are $725 on Neimens site. Besides color, I don't think there are any other differences? I like all the colors, but not the $725 price tag for some newer colors.
  3. Hi! I think the price is due to size difference.

    I would go for black patent. Trust me, it will not "blend in", It will stand out beautifully! YSL makes beautiful patents and you will not regret it.
  4. hey girl!! :wave:
    i think the price difference has to do with leather type.
    $595 is for patent leather
    $650 is for regular leather and metallic
    $725 is that new "quartz" leather

    the medium BDJ's are ~150 less in price

    HTH!! :biggrin:

  5. call me biased, but i vote for the deep red!!! :biggrin: i think red and blue go great together, especially a navy blue, but if everything else is kept simple of course :P did u consider nude??? that also matches everything!
  6. I do like your deep red, but I wasn't sure it would go with a black dress and electric blue suede pumps. I thought about burgundy, but I like black too. I saw one that's cranberry, not sure if that is like burgundy or not. Ahh...the choices! :P
    Have you worn your's yet? I keep wondering what it will be like to not be able to throw a bag over my shoulder.
  7. Here is my patent blue large YSL BDJ. I think everyone has the black patent one so I opted for the blue... for that pop of color. Also, you can dress up or down with it. I think it can go with lots of colors and also with a pair of jeans. I do know that it's better to see in real life the colors of the bdj before purchasing. The color usually turns out to be a little darker than what you see online. I think I read a review about the burgundy one turning out to be a really dark shade.
  8. That's a hard one. What shade is the blue dress?
    If you go with the black suede pumps for your other outfit, you could get away with a fuchsia clutch. It will go with electric blue pumps.
    I don't think that either burgundy or cranberry would work well.
    Also, you could do a gunmetal metallic grey one, or gold but I don't think you're keen on those.
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    That's a gorgeous combination!
  10. I got the grey from Saks and I love it, it goes with everything. I already have lots of black bags so I wanted something a bit different but still versatile.
  11. Love this! Blue is one of my favorite colors.

    It's like this, maybe not quite as dark. Have you seen cranberry irl?

    I do like the grey but wasn't sure how it would look against black. I'm really tempted to order a couple different ones just to see them irl and send back what I can't keep.
  12. Ok I ckecked it out. Lovely shade of blue. I have not seen cranberry IRL but it seems to be a brownish shade... If you have the option of getting more than one shade and picking the one you like, just do it! :smile:
    There are also purple and 'midnight' colours to consider.
  13. So many choices :panic::lol: My problem is that there are about 4 I would love to order to get a good look. I really should only order two to pick from. I haven't seen the midnight color anywhere, but that sounds pretty too. I love the sapphire color in the link above, but not the stitching or price.
  14. Here is my YSL patent collection... just to give you an idea of what some of the colors look like.