B'day & Valentine Present for my Bf

  1. I may be returning to my home country soon, and I want to give mybf something special. Something worthwile and he can remember me by.
    He's into sports and gaming. He works as a teppanyaki chef while going to school part time.

    What should i get him??

    PS: He does need a new school bag.. he has some that's still useable... and said he doesn't need it... but maybe i should give him something else...

    my price range is up to 500

    thanks girls.. & boys..

  2. Yum...teppanyaki.

    He sounds like a busy guy. What about a watch? You could get a nice Tissot for around $500.
  3. you could pay his Everquest (or whatever) subscription for the next three years...
  4. he only pays Counter Strike and xbox.. and I don't really want to encourage his gaming habit... i want something that he can utilize and boost up his life and lifestyle while i am gone =))
  5. how about a gagetdy thing like a video ipod or a blackberry or something like that?
  6. I agree with the watch idea. Ooh and you can have something personal engraved on it.
  7. I think you should get him a couple things instead of spending the entire 500 on one gift. If he is into poker, maybe you can get him a poker set?
  8. What about a wallet?
    That is what I'm getting my BF! Cept' he wants damier, and i like taiga...so that is what he's getting ! haha
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