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  1. Ok, so my bday is in a few weeks and my brother told me to pick something for my bday, under $500. So I can't decide between these gorgeous sunglasses, which I love bc they are sparkly and have the LV symbols on the side, or the mini ellipse, I already have 2 LV mono pieces, so I kinda want to branch out a little, but I have been in love with the mini forever. I think the lt brown is better bc you can see the symbols and the gold hardware just seems to pop, I love the tortise look, but my Chanels are tortise too.
    Which do you think?

  2. Personally I wouldn't get sunglasses. I'd get ask for a wapity or wallet.
  3. of your choices, i'd go w/the ellipse. it's cute! :biggrin:
  4. The sunglasses are gorgeous (both :amuse:)!
  5. Brown sunglasses to match your mono pieces!
  6. I love those middle sunnies!
  7. the 2nd pair of sunnies are gorgeous!
  8. mini ellipse
  9. i say go for the mini ellipse... if you've been in love with the mini ellipse forever then get it!!!!
  10. I love the mini Ellipse! I have an Ellipse PM, and it's fabulous!
  11. I´d say the mini ellipse, bcz if u get sunglasses, you can just use them at sunny days, and maybe nobody will take care about they are LV and you will regret time after because you´ve been in love with the ellipse for long time ago and you will wish you had got it instead. I have experienced that situation, don´t hesitate and go 4 the mini!!!!!11

    Oh, it is also more useful than the sunglasses
  12. I'd go for those Tortoises with the S-lock sides...
  13. I'd ask for a wallet or a smaller bag of some sort.
  14. mini ellipse ....
  15. A bag or a wallet would be good. I wouldn't go for the sunglasses either.
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