Bday presents ALWAYS = LV

  1. I got these for my birthday: LV mini lin dune, Chanel Sunglasses, Beijo envelop charcoal, Beijo girlfriend red, and yes the Armoire :nuts: .
  2. Here's a close up
  3. And now all 3 speedy
  4. Congrats! Your presents, esp. the mini lin in dune, are super cute!
  5. wow congrats, and happy birthday!
    where can you buy beijo?
  6. Congrats, Jinsun!!
  7. Wowwy! Congrats and Happy B-day!
  8. Happy Birthday!! :party:
    Congrats on all your lovely gifts too.
  9. Congrats, and Happy Birthday!!
    I really like your dune speedy, you got some pretty fab gifts!
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new bags :smile:
  11. Thank you!

    Whoever is interested in Beijo bags can check out I have a co-worker who knows someone who sells it. If you check out the website maybe you can find a rep in your area.
  12. Happy happy birthday! And congrates on the engagement! What nice birthday presents.
  13. Happy B-Day and congratulations !
  14. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your presents.
  15. Happy Birthday!! Have fun with your great gifts!!