Bday present that came in an orange box! :)

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  1. Went to Shanghai right before my bday, and this is what my aunt gave me! :yahoo: It was such a surprise, the good kind of surprise. Almost made me forget that I'm another year older.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    That's beautiful, is this style new?
  3. Nice aunt... great bracelet...

    Happy Birthday rin. How can you go wrong when you get H for your birthday??? Congrats.
  4. Oh that's gorgeous, love the colour. What a lovely aunt!

    Happy Birthday!

    and what a nice present... CONGRATS
  6. Congrats on your beauty!

  7. I don't think this is a new style. She said she got it in France a while ago. Not sure what it's called though...
  8. I like it! It's edgy but classy!
  9. Nice! love this color!
  10. I wanted one of these a while ago but i have way to many bracelets now (they have become my obsession) lol. isn't it revisable? what color do u have on the other side.
  11. Happy birthday and congratulations!
  12. Happy birthday!! What a lovely present!
  13. what a sweet gift! happy birthday!
  14. Lovely, happy birthday!
  15. Very cool. Happy birthday!