B'day present for Mother-in-law.....

  1. My Mother-in-law's 65th birthday is coming up at the end of the year and I am looking for suggestions on a nice gift for the occasion. I don't know her very well , apart from knowing that she had a difficult time growing up and money has always been an issue with her. She does not own any expensive things although is always very well put together (hat, scarves, very glam blonde). Any suggestions?
  2. Rose, if your MIL had a difficult time growing up (money issue) and is from the UK to boot (I seem to remember you mentioning somewhere DH was from Scotland), buy her something nice but not extravagant. She might actually be quite horrified by the magnitude of a large gift.

    Perhaps a nice H cashmere shawl or a scarf, since she seems like one of thse women who are impeccably groomed and put together.

    If not some nice but not ostentatious gold jewellery is a gift that always works! :P
  3. Does she have an interest in H scarves at all? Those would be a beautiful present. Or perhaps a set of china (if she loves it). Otherwise perhaps a shawl (chocolate with fringe comes to mind). :flowers: Hope that helps.
  4. i bought for my MIL a new wallet for her B'day!
    some classics like gold or black i dont think you can go wrong with it!
    For my mum i bought a nice china-set and a H-plaid so she really enjoy her afternoons with a book,nice cup of tea under the plaid....
  5. Hi Rose: WOW, what a great DIL you are! How about a Kelly watch and band (mmmm a nice lizard band)? Or a lovely enamel bracelet? Not sure how much you want to spend, but I've never had anyone disappointed with an H gift! If you're considering bags, how about the small Bombay - it's small enough to carry around easily, yet roomy enough (and easy enough to access) for just about everything!

    I bought my MIL an enamel bracelet last year for the holidays, and I bought my SIL and her new husband one of the tea sets from the H website. Twilly's are another popular gift - and the H site delivers - which is great for me as most of my family lives in another state!

    My husband used to think I was crazy with my choice of gifts (but then again, he thought I was crazy for the bags that I purchased for me!) but I'd always catch him telling people afterwards, "Well they do make some of the finest quality things", lol! He passed away two years ago at the age of 42 (too young, dammit) but I swear that I still get *signs* from him whenever I'm in an H store (but that's a whole other post!!!).

    Happy shopping
  6. Great memory!! Yes, she is from Scotland (and still lives there) and you are right, she probably would be horrified by a large gift. A nice scarf may well be the way to go. I don't know much about scarves so will need some help in choosing one. She does love Paris and goes there once a year.

  7. China- that's a great idea, she does like her 'cup of tea'! I'll have to look into that. I am also going to look into the shawls, Thanks for the great ideas!
  8. A wallet did first come to mind, but then I remebered back to her 50th birthday when we got her a wallet which we later found unused in her photo cabinet!:sad: so, maybe not......

    A nice china set is a great idea and Perja mentioned that too, so I am going to look into the different patterns.

  9. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about husband. I do know what you mean about the 'signs' at the store ............ my mother passed away in 2001, and left me completely heartbroken. She used to be a total baggoholic and I always feel her 'presence' when I am at Hermes and Chanel (her two fav shops).

    I think my MIL would probably love an enamel bracelet ( I had not even considered that until now). She does love 'chunky' jewelry. Thanks for your great suggestions.:heart:
  10. Glad the ideas being bounced around are helpful.

    Unfortunately (for others) or fortunately (for me) I have a great memory for details and trivia. Someone once said I could make a living from blackmail. Sadly, I can never remember the major stuff, usually work-related! LOL.
  11. I think it's great to be able to remember the 'little' things about people. It makes people feel 'special'. I am really quite touched that you remembered that my hubby is scottish.:heart:
  12. Awww.. thank you :flowers:
  13. Lisa, so sorry to hear about your DH. My grandmother (who raised me) passed away a few years ago and I do feel that she sends me signs. :flowers:

    Rose, I love any of the ideas. The enamel bracelets are so wonderful, I'm sure she'd love it! :yes:
  14. I think the enamel bracelets are great too!
  15. I love the bracelet and teacup ideas!