bday present for bf, jack & lucie, and azur cles

  1. i never thought my bf would be into LV since he is the skater/snowboarder type but i guess i was dead wrong when he picked this damier messenger melville bag for his bday present when we were traveling in hong kong.

    i am so happy to find this multicolor jack and lucie off of elux. i :heart: it to death!

    and another must have goodies, the azur cles. i use it as a coin purse.
    grouplv.jpg jack&luciefront.jpg jack&lucieback.jpg azurcles.jpg
  2. you'r BF must love you congrats...
  3. Wow .... Congrats on your new LV beauties! :happydance:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the jack & lucie. :drool:
  4. love your new stuff..and your bf's!
  5. thanks for all the sweet compliments!
  6. Congrats! What great souvenirs!
  7. ooo! nice gifts for your BF!!! he's must be happy!
  8. Nice :smile:
  9. The jack and lucie will look great on the damier bag!!!
  10. congrats! the azur and damier next to each other looks so cute!
  11. nice!!
  12. aww!! how sweet!! i wish i had a BF like that (currently I am single :sweatdrop: , lol)...........congrats, and happy b-day!!
  13. What awesome presents!!! Your boyfriend's a lucky man!
  14. wow, everything goes so well together or separate, you really did ur hmwk! He is going to LOVE his gifts! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats on all your goodies