Bday Gift to myself! Pic!

  1. It was my 22nd bday last Thursday so my bf took me down to the outlets in Tulalip WA. I picked out this lovely Legacy Satchel. It's a little heavy, but I got such a good deal I couldn't let it go! $399 including tax!
    Legacy Shoulder Satchel.jpg
  2. ANOTHER BDAY!!! HAPPY BDAY TO YOU!!! Your new handbag is beautiful....LOVE the color...MY favorite! Enjoy and have a happy!!!!
  3. There sure are a lot of us Leo's!!! WOOHOO!

    Congrats....gorgeous choice!
  4. Thanks! I love it
  5. Lisa5912...

    Saw that very bag at Tulalip last Tuesday and I loved it too... what a fabulous gift to yourself... a classic choice. Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday! I was just there a few days ago with my much fun at Coach! Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!!
  7. That's a Mandy! Gorgeous, I just love those bags. Congratulations and happy birthday!

    On another note, please be careful of the metallic leather. We had a couple Ali's in my outlet, in the suede with the metallic leather, and the metallic paint scratched pretty easily. So just baby it a little to be safe. :smile:
  8. OMG that is beautiful! Congrats on your lovely new bag and happy belated birthday!
  9. congrats!!
    happy birthday to youuuu
  10. It's pretty -- Congrats!
  11. Happy Birthday!! :yahoo: Long live the leo!! :tup:
  12. Wow, great bag:heart:

    Happy belated Birthday!:balloon::balloon:
  13. Beautiful bag!! Congrats & happy belated birthday!!
  14. That's a beautiful bag!