B'day gift plus some other goodies..

  1. Hi,

    I'm finally posting pics...it's such hard work. My birthday gift to myself, Brentwood in Amarante and Thelma sunnies, gift from SA's (cards and puzzle) and the miroir lockit which I never posted and fleur key ring. I'm also posting the gift my hubby bought for me...love them..Gucci boots.
    IMG_1440.JPG IMG_1441.JPG IMG_1442.JPG IMG_1443.JPG IMG_1445.JPG
  2. con't.
    IMG_1444.JPG IMG_1446.JPG IMG_1448.JPG
  3. Great Gifts, Congratulations. And Happy Birthday.
  4. Nice gifts!! Love the sunglasses!!
  5. congrats love it all. I tried the same boots at Nordstroms yesterday, can't make up mind if I should buy or not. how do you like your pair?
  6. Wow, great stuff! Congrats!
  7. aw the SA's gave you that for ur bday?
  8. ooohh, very nice, congrats!!
  9. VERY nice!
    Happy bday!
  10. Wow! Very nice stuff! :woohoo:
  11. the sunnies are tdf... congrats and have a happy birthday!
  12. Very nice!! Congrats!!
  13. congrats!
  14. happy belated b-day. Enjoy your goodies.
  15. wow..congrats! happy bday!