Bday GIFT IDEAS for BF!!!! iPhone, Wii, LV Wallet, or OTHERS?


PICK ONE and EXPLAIN please!! thanks!

  1. iPhone

  2. Wii

  3. LV Wallet

  4. OThers... please explain

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  1. I need to get a bday gift for my bf.. i don't know what to get!!!!

    I heard a new generation iPhone will be coming out soon, and so many of our friends already have iPhones already, so i think i kinda wanna wait for the 2nd-gen to come out...

    Wii.. i am scared he will get sick of it...

    LV Wallet... he has a Taiga that he's had since before I met him.. and maybe he needs a new one, at least this he will use everyday...

    OkAY! a little bit about him.. he gets sick of things VERY easily... he bought the newest ipod video when it first came out.. used it probably like.. 5 times.. and its sitting there on my living room floor ever since... bought an xbox when it FIRST came out... and its sitting there with at least 10 BRAND NEW UNOPENED GAMES!!!!!

    what other options do i have? the sky's the limit. we are gonna go celebrate in Atlantic City this year. I have been with him for a little over 3 years, and he bought me a CHANEL for my bday this year!! please help ladies and gent!!!!!
  2. I'd get him the wallet. Sounds like he tires of gadgets and electronics quickly.
  3. Wallet seems the most practical since he probably will get tired of the electronics once the new things come out in 08.
  4. I'd get him the wallet, too. The wii he would probably get sick of, and I would wait for the second gen. iPhone to come out. A wallet you use everyday, it's hard to get sick of, plus an LV wallet makes a great gift!
  5. iPhone because he can tweak it and make it his own--I can't imagine anyone getting tired of it!! They seriously rock.
  6. Hmm, at first I was going to say the Wii, since we have one and they're so much fun. But I agree, go with the wallet if he seems to get over electronics and gadgets easily. It would probably be more practical.
  7. i am leaning towards the wallet too!! thanks~!!
  8. this post may be late in the game but I would be against the Iphone. My lovely so got me one (I swore I would never cave but really - they are so cool!). Anyhow - while I appreciate the gift I am now saddled with an extra $40 bucks a month and a new extended two year contract with ATT. The $40 breaks down into tthe $20 data package. The extra 20 is for fact that an Iphone will REMOVE any discount one might have on their phone already. I had a 20 percent discount through my work. Now it is gone.

    Oh well. I can afford it so no worries. You should probably get a good feeling if he wants to commit to spending the extra cash each month before you get it. Or just pay for it yourself. :smile:

    Get the wallet!
  9. A wallet would be nice and you can send me the rest:yahoo:
  10. I was going to suggest the Wii, but after reading your post I think I would have to say wallet as well. And anyways, it would be hard to find a Wii right now as many people have experienced.
  11. I have to say the wii.....
  12. I recently got a Wii and an iPod touch, and I adore my iPod so much so I'd suggest the iPhone, but if the update is around the corner there's no point in getting one right now. However, the Wii is lots of fun, so that gets my vote :biggrin:
  13. I voted for wallet.. from what you describe of him it seems like that would suit him best ??!!