Bday Gift from SO...

  1. Hey everyone!

    Sunday was my bday and my SO got me my first digi cam! I'm super excited!

    Can't wait to take pics of my bags and shoes lol

    He got me: Canon PowerShot 7.1-Megapixel Digital ELPH Camera - Silver
    Model: SD750

    He also threw me a little BBQ at his house and got me balloons and a Sesame Street ice cream cake from Carvel lol he's such a sweetheart :love:
  2. aw, thts sweet..Im sure the gifts are great, I just wanted to comment that I love BBQs... to me a bday isnt the same without an old fashioned BBQ with balloons and a Carvel ice cream cake

    Edited to add: Carvel cake has to have the chocolate crunchies and be preferably of Fudgie the Whale
  3. Cameras are great... too bad you didn't get a purse though. My SO ALWAYS buys me electronics versus the LV's that I really want because he has ulterior motives. In other words, he wants to use it. I have gotten TV's for the past 3 years.... and never the ones that I pick out. haha.
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. yeah it was half vanilla and half chocolate with the cookie crumbs in the middle....we still have some left mmmmm dessert!

    thanks KMD!!

  6. lol thanks Sabrina! i know he refuses to donate to my balenciaga fund...when he was deciding what to get me i told him i'll accept a donation and he said "yeah right!" but i still wanted a cam more than anything.

    yeah yesterday he was asking me if he could have the cam lol
  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great time
  8. bad boyfriend! LMAO. happy birthday and that's a pretty nice camera. now let's see some pics!
  9. thanks gals! ;)
  10. Happy Birthday! My boyfriend also got me a camera last year before our trip! I really enjoyed the gift and so will you!
  11. yeah the camera is awesome i love it! thank you sheishollywood!
  12. What a lovely gift :smile:

    Happy birthday!
  13. Happy belated birthday!
  14. Wow, that's great! Happy Birthday!
  15. [​IMG]

    Cookie Puss says Happy Birthday!