Bday around the corner...want too much!


May 7, 2009
I hate when my bday comes around all i want is LV!!! ive been going back and forth with what bags i want. I have decided on the insolite wallet and the galliera. Now the big issue is...

Should i save up a little more and get the keepall 55 (thinking i will be traveling since im turning 21 and going to vegas about 5 times next year)

Or should i get the damier azur pochette with a damier ebene cosmetic pouch. Or instead of those two just get a damier ebene eva. Now im wondering about the eva is how much exactly is it going to hold? Id love to use it as a crossbody bag for just daily use when i dont wanna carry around a huge purse. Im just so confused.

Im also thinking about either a damier azur/eben neverfull or speedy 30. I dont know what to do anymore! haha out of all these which ones would you rather get first, I mean im sure ill be getting them all within the next year but for my birthday which one first.

Mono keepall 55
Damier azur neverfull
Damier azur speedy 30
Damier azur pochette
Damier ebene eva
Damier ebene neverfull
Damier ebene Speedy 30

AHHHH i hate LV i wish i could just get them all. Also i want either a azur ebene neverfull and speedy. Just one style in each one. I heard the azur can rub off on jeans so is it better to get an azur neverfull and a ebene speedy or other way around?

p.s im sure ill be doing a reveal after my purchases!


Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
I know what you mean about birthdays! I had a hard time deciding on what to get for mine.

Anyways, what LVs do you currently have?


Luxury Mart
Mar 8, 2009
Happy early birthday!

I think you should get a keepall, but personally the 55 is too big for travel. I found it too bulky and much prefer the 50.

Happy hunting:smile:

Can't wait for your reveal!


May 14, 2010
What about a neverfull and a pochette? The pochette can be clipped into the d-ring to be used as an accessories bag. Then when you want to use a smaller bag, just unclip the pochette and it becomes your bag for the day. The neverfull can be used as a travel bag and as a purse. the pochette can be used cross body style if you purchase a longer strap.
This way you get the best of BOTH worlds....A tote and a smaller purse.


Apr 3, 2007
My vote would be for the Keepall since you're going to be doing so much traveling. How about a Mono Monogram Keepall 50?