BD Question

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  1. DH and I have been trying and my obgyn suggests every other day...but I have read where others suggest every day during fertile period so this month dh and I have BD every day from day 9 to day 16...dh has no reason to believe he would have any fertility issues...that said someone please tell me its possible to concieve when BD was done every day...:confused1:
  2. I'm sure it's possible, but I have heard every other day can be better because the sperm need time to mature (especially girl sperm, which apparently mature more slowly). Every other day should really be plenty because the sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days, but I bet either way would work out for you in the end.
  3. it is possible. we BD'd every day for nine days during peak. It worked this month. Baby dust to you
  4. Thanks to both! ntk99 this is the kind of news I need to hear right now to get me thru the two weeks of torture!! :wacko:
  5. ^^Are you tired:P
  6. My doc said at most BD every other day. She added that even that was a bit much.
  7. LOL. exhausted. but totally worth it! I go for bloodwork every 48 hours to make sure everything is progressing normally until 3/2 when we go got our first ultra sound.
  8. ^I feel the first it was fun but the last couple days felt a little chorish--not for dh he was loving every bit of it..I have read so much lately and seeing as how the month before we did it every other day and nothing I thought darn it we are gonna do this every that I have several months of charting and realized I have a 30 day cycle I may have been timing the bd too early I think I will get an opk and try the every other day next month if we fail this time around..
  9. ^^ Please be sure to read in the other thread about our OPK adventures. ^^
  10. Thanks! I have been lurking all over this site reading about everyone else's experiences--This forum is a great place to share what we know about so many things:biggrin:
  11. Is that your frenchie in your avatar? Way too cute!!!
  12. ^Thanks Kirsten yes bella is my frenchie....she is an amazing little her to bits....the other lovely is my Anna..she is my baby girl that has had me busy..too busy to consider trying for number 2...until now...
  13. ^Both of your baby girls are adorable! Anna has such gorgeous hair! Good luck and lots of baby dust for #2. :smile:
  14. ^Thanks it looks like you have some cuties yourself--are the three little puggies yours?
  15. Yup, the 3 little monkeys are mine. From left to right: Disco, Luna and Hazel. :smile: They want a frenchie for a brother or sister but 4 dogs would be a little insane, especially when we're trying to expand the humans in our family.