BCBGMAXAZRIA party dress

  1. Hi everyone,
    What do you all think of this dress? :tup: or :tdown: I wanted to get this in black but Nordstrom doesn't have it in my size. What accessories should I wear with it? Will it go with white gold jewelries?

    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. pic?!?!
  3. oops, sorry....here it is....
  4. oh my! that is lovely!! :tup:

    Brown is my new favorite color, and that dress is gorgeous!

    I tend to think of brown as a warm color though, and have a hard time imagining pairing it with WG...

    what color are those sequins on the dress? if they're not gold, you might be able to get away with it...
  5. I think it'll look AWESOME in black, but brown looks pretty good too :biggrin:
    Hmm... too bad I can't wear strapless =(
  6. I'd say go for reg. gold accesories - but as someone said, if the jewels on the dress are more shiny/diamond-y it can work perhaps.
  7. I love BCBG! I agree with bang on the accessories.
  8. i love that dress, its very festive.

    I would go very easy on the accessories as you dont want to look too busy. Either dangling gold earrings, or gold bangles should pull of the look.
  9. Oh, I love this dress! I was thinking about getting it myself! Black would probably be lovely as well (I've seen the light blue one too), but the brown is SO beautiful. Agree with everyone else about the jewelry: keep it simple, and if the jewels/sequins on the dress are gold, stick with regular gold (like hoop earrings). Throw in a red clutch or red shoes for a pop of color!
  10. White gold could work, but yellow gold jewelry is probably better.
  11. LOVE it, perfect for fall! :tup:
  12. Awesome (re: fancy) gold shoes and not so fancy earrings since the top of the dress is ornate. You could add a killer cuff if you're feeling "naked":idea: