1. Opinions please... what do you think of BCBGirls bags?

    I have the Amsterdam Shopper in black and it is absolutely gorgeous. Zappos has it in Fudge and Vintage White.

  2. i like it! it's really really cute! i don't personally own one, but i think you should go for the white one. It'll be a great summer bag IMO
  3. some of them are ok, but I haven't seen many that I like...
  4. I love them !!!! I have 2- one is a tweedy satchel and the other isblack leather with floral fabric (shoes to match) and I also just got a BCBGMaxAzria Chantal clutch- I posted a pic on another thread- thats just gorgeous and very very roomy. I think they're awesome bags !!!
  5. Lovely but then again, I could find something wonderful in ANY line.
  6. I love their styling - I have the Urban cowgirl hobo in Olive that I got from bluefly.com, but you have to be prepared to expect lower quality leather for the price (obviously). They're great knock-around weekend bags with a lot of cute details. I did have a problem with mine though when the wire support popped through the leather! UGH!

  7. Thanks for all the opinions everyone, I think I will go for the vintage white, it is really beautiful in the other view pics on Zappos.
  8. the vintage white is so cute.
  9. Their bags are cute, especially for the price! I like the white bag for summer!