BCBG Shoes where can I get these exact shoes

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  1. I have been searching for these. has anyone seen them? sz. 6 (new or used as long as in great condtion) BCBGirls_main.jpg
  2. I don;t know, but they are super hot!
  3. I know I NEED THEM!!!!! LOL:love:
  4. i cant really tell because the picture is so small, but i think i saw them at Nordstrom recently - they also have them in black and a orangish red. not sure if it's the same style but they look similar!

    edit haha just kidding, they're a completely different style. sorry! :hrmm:
  5. Hi, there was a department store that sells BCBG shoes often, and I checked for you today when I was there, but I didn't see that style, sorry. :sad:
  6. Have you checked a BCBG store or even the BCBG website?
  7. yeah what she said!:nuts:
  8. They are super cute! You can also try the outlet just in case someone returned them to the retail store, and they were scuffed on the bottom, they would ship those to the outlets... Good luck! :smile:
  9. I have looked aroun, they are actually a few years old, but I have been searching for them sence I first saw them in a magazine add and no luck.
  10. thanks, they have great shoes, but sadly not these. I might get some other shoes there
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