Bcbg Scam!!!

  1. For all you who are in the Bay Area and love BCBG, I just thought I should put this out there -

    The sales associates (or at least some of them) at BCBG at the Stanford shopping center in Palo Alto are LYING THIEVES!!!

    I went in there about two weeks ago and found this beaaaautiful coat. They had it in extra small, but as you all Im sure know, most of their clothes come in XXS at this point, so I asked a few of the SAs to look for one for me. They came back and told me that BCBG DID NOT MAKE THE COAT IN XXS, so I bought the XS.

    Two days ago, happily wearing my new coat, I walked into the Union Square store in SF, only to discover...A WHOLE RACK OF MY COAT IN XXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE *****ES!!! Ohhhhh I was mad.

    So I explained my story to the SAs there, and they told me an even worse one. Earlier in the year a woman had gone to the Palo Alto BCBG and the SAs had allowed her to purchase over $2000 of stuff, without telling her that they were doing a presale on everything! She walked into the SF store a few days later only to find EVERYTHING SHE BOUGHT WAS 50% OFF!!!!

    Luckily for this woman and for me, the SAs in SF are lovely. They gave her the discount she deserved and they switched out my coat for the right size, even though I had already worn it!

    Moral of the story: Those are some mean girls in Palo Alto. Don't shop there, just go the extra distance to SF! Or if you already live there, well, lucky you!
  2. then?
  3. haha sorry i pressed enter and it posted instead of going to the next line. im finishing my story as we speak, i wont leave you hanging
  4. palo alto people can be snooty!
  5. that really sucks! i don't live near palo alto, but i do visit occasionally, and thanks for telling!
  6. wow that sucks...good thing the SF SAs were so nice and were able to exchange your coat for you!
  7. There are so many times when I'll ask an SA something (like, do you have this in size [whatever], or did this come in a [whatever] color, or is this on sale, or anything) and I don't trust their answer. You can just tell they don't know but don't want to admit they don't know, or are too lazy to check or ask someone else. That bothers me to no end (sometimes when I get a response I don't trust, I'll just say thanks and then go ask another SA). I'm glad they did the right thing at the other store!
  8. omg the exact same thing hapenned to me like the second story. I went to the union sq. area (nyc) Arden B. two weeks ago, and I spent $500 there, only to go online the next day and see my purchases 40% off! I went to get a price adjustment the next day and the manager was so rude and told me to bring my items with tags still attached, unworn for the adjustment. That is so dumb because had my reciept and check card with me. I let him know and asked what if i wanted to wear my clothes cause they are mine? He was so hoping I had wore them already. All he could say is "I'm only the manager"! Like he's lowest ranked at the store. I was like so when is the sale over so I won't waste my time? He actually said I don't know and shrugged! What a dummy!

    Anyways 2 days later I came back with my friend talked crap about that store in front of him, while I got back over $300 from the adjustment and 1 return.
    On a side note the security guard let me know he cant stand tha manger either lol.
  9. yea some places can be such a ***** to get a price adjustment!! I used to work at abercrombie and my managers would tell me not to give price adj if the items weren't there. Of course I thought that was BS so I gave adjustments left and right, regardless the item was there or not. I don't get the point! sheesh!!
  10. It would be counter productive for me to go to Palo Alto but that is good info. That is absolutely terrible! I hate SAs who do that. It is just such a turn off. : (
  11. That just sucks! I'm so glad you ended up getting the right coat! Customer service just seems to be lagging at so many places nowadays; I really notice it and will be loyal to stores with consistently good customer service.