BCBG - New Markdowns Up To 70% Off

  1. How is this brand quality-wise? does anyone own? TIA~
  2. I adore BCBG clothing. I'm not as familiar with their handbags.
  3. the quality of their accessories is not as good as lower tier designer brands(i.e. kooba, gustto, juicy)

    their shoes are generally poorly/cheaply made and uncomfortable. their handbags are generally clunky, poorly designed, and also cheaply made.

    their clothes aren't that bad. but i would not recommend their accessories unless you're paying next to nothing.
  4. I love their dresses!!! great quality, great fit IMO.
  5. I agree with you! They fit my body really well and last for years.
  6. I used to work at BCBG, the quality of their dresses is superb but some of their clothes need second thinking, I bought a sweater and balls are forming on it after I wore it once, I"m glad that I used my bonus discount on it The bags, I 'm not a huge fan of, last season's bag was called Cocoville, which IMO is copying Chanel.