BCBG Max Azria Signature Hobo

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  1. I have one of these bags in black. I think it's the medium sized one--not the huge LARGE one... Anyways, I regret buying the thing, it just sits in my closet and I only take it out when I need a "conservative" purse...

    Does anyone know how well these sell on Ebay? I ran a search and saw a few, but they looked like fakes and weren't moving... I even thought about GIVING this purse to a good home if I knew someone would love it. I just feel bad having it just sit there.
  2. Is this the one sold in Nordstroms.com? Give it to me! :biggrin:
  3. Did you mean this one?


    Mine is just like that but the medium size, not the giant almost the size of your torso size. My bro says he'll post it on ebay for me. So hopefully I can get some $ back on it... I saw that some of them were going for a little over a $100, so that wouldn't be so bad.
  4. In general, BCBG bags don't do that well on eBay. I recently sold a signature clutch that I purchased last year at $168 for about $30. My advice is to take a lot of pictures of the item...hopefully, it will sell. Or, you can try craigslist....maybe someone will buy it. Makes me wish that we had a way here on the forum to trade or buy bags off of each other, but it's tricky.
  5. Black is a pretty normal color.. usually the more unique colors sell a lot better... a yellow one went for about 200 the other day.... but it was the large one.. and it didn't even sell for half price.

    I own 3 bcbg sig. hobos.. I love them all :smile: