BCBG Max Azria - opinions?

  1. Has anyone here purchased clothes from this brand? I am thinking of buying one of their coats online. How is the quality, are they manufactured in the EU, etc. Thanks!

    Here is the coat, it's at Saks.

  2. I think their coats are more for style than warmth... But it also has a lot to do with how cold it gets. I'm in southern California, so a coat like that is more than what I'd need. Whereas, I'm sure in Chicago, you'd freeze in that without a bunch of layers...

    All the stuff that I've owned from them I've used for a number of years, so I think their quality is good.
  3. Thank you :smile: I am in the Bay Area still, if we end up in Chicago I will probably get a big down parka for the cold! I just want something stylish in the meantime. For some reason it's really hard for me to find a wool long coat that flatters me -- they don't make the best ones in petite sizes, so I will have to get some major tailoring done.
  4. I love BCBG! The quality is superb. I have several pieces I've worn for years and still get compliments! I'm not sure where they are manufactured.

    My only gripe is the cut; I usually have to go up a size as everything is cut pretty slim.
  5. Well then I am glad I bought the coat in a 4 -- I usually wear a 2 but I know how a lot of brands can vary in size and I would rather it be too big when I get it altered than too small!

    I ordered the coat, and threw in a Gucci bag too! :biggrin: If it doesn't work out, the Saks store takes Saks.com returns, whew.
  6. ^^ great choice and a Gucci bonus too!
  7. Their clothes are made in China for the most part. Some of it is made elsewhere, like Eastern European countries.

    Their coats are not warm, better for fall than winter.
  8. I LOVE BCBG Max Azria. Their quality IMO is very good. I don't have any coats from them but I do have many shirts, sweaters and skirts that I looooooove.
  9. I like a lot of their stuff, but when I was younger BCBG was a juniors brand, and now their price point keeps edging up and up and I just can't go with their flow. They're priced more like Theory now, while they used to be more along the lines of, maybe, Laundry or French Connection?
  10. The quality is good, I usually size down with BCBG. Most dresses I am a small but I fit in XS at BCBG
  11. No idea if the coat is warm or not, but the look is totally hot! Love the coat...and I love the skinnies and the boots, too.
  12. Ditto with me - my fave are their dresses... I always get compliments on them when I go out! Quality is great. I've also never bought a coat, but I'm guessing it's more style than warmth too.

    I agree about going up a size... I'm almost always a XS/S, but in BCBG I usually wear a S, and occasionally a M depending on the cut.
  13. Gorgeous coat! You need to get it. It's so stylish and it looks like a great cut.
  14. Thanks! I did get it! But I won't get to try it on until FedEx brings it to me, so let's hope it fits.
  15. ^^ crossing fingers!