BCBG - Is the quality good?

  1. Are there any BCBG owners out there? How is the leather quality? I know their bags usually sell for $200-$600 so I'm figuring they can't be cheaply made. I'm considering something from the Henna line.

    Any and all opinions are encouraged and welcomed! :upsidedown:
  2. I've got 3 and they are great quality! I'm having problems posting pix but I will try again...

    1. Burgundy patent leather...this one gets the most use of the 3 and I love bringing it out for F/W! The only problem is the zipper pull...the patent pull tab came off but it's not noticeable. This picture doesn't do it justice, HTH!

    2. Yellow clutch (which comes with a shoulder strap too). I got this from bluefly and it's not a common one for me b/c of the yellow but I love the style and the leather is very durable.

    3. Orange leather with canvas and studs - this one is great for S/S! I get lots of compliments.

    I have not looked at any recently, but they are great bags...hope this helps!
    BCBG1.jpg bcbg2.jpg bcbg (3).jpg
  3. Thank you pursegrrl! I really like your yellow clutch. Do you know if they make it in red? Can you tell me the dimensions? Thank you!
  4. The yellow clutch is about 13" wide, 6 1/2" tall, and when the strap is on it's about 8 1/2" from the highest point down to the top of the bag. I like it as a clutch much better than a shoulder bag.

    It has black nylon lining and an inside open pocket which then has a zipper pocket on top of that. It's not super deep (front to back) so I have to put skinny things in it otherwise it doesn't snap closed very well :yes: .

    Too funny...a co-worker asked me if this came in red too! I honestly don't remember...I got it on bluefly last year and I think it was only yellow or black. :s
  5. BCBG are great bags. Very well made and the leather is wonderful.
  6. I have 2, and I love them. I've had them both for a few years, and they've held up very well.
  7. I used to own a lot of BCBG bags... Now I've cut my mini collection down to 3 of them. They are all great bags... I was especially fond of their Signature hobo
  8. I like BCBG bags. The leather feels nice enough to me. Esp @ those prices.
  9. Yes, they are nice quality casual bags. Go for it!!
  10. I've handled some in stores and they're great bags. I just haven't purchased any cause they didn't have anything I really liked.
  11. i don't own any of their purses but i love the quality of their shoes!
  12. Hi all- I'm new here. BCBG makes some really nice bags. I have the "Bel Air satchel in turquoise. I love this bag. Looking for it in black as well, but haven't had any luck finding it.
  13. i love their shoes too! in fact, i have two pairs of the same style in different colors... they give me 4" extra in height and they don't hurt my feet!

    as for bags, i only have one that i bought 2 years ago. can't remember the name of the style... but i think the quality is pretty good for the price. i haven't used it more than 2-3 times, though, so i can't really answer how well they hold up after some time.
  14. their bags arent bad... i used to really love bcbg until my friend hooked me up with their company warehouse. They are having an open to public warehouse sale 12/9 in LA, prolly mostly last season things but maybe worth checking out
  15. I have just one bag that I recently purchased. it is a rich chocolate brown w/ gold studs. It is so soft! I think their bags are reasonably priced too.