BCBG Coupon Code!!

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  1. $100 off any purchase of $300 or more! It's not valid on FRAGRANCE PRODUCTS, GIFT CERTIFICATES, OR PREVIOUSLY OURCHASED* MERCHANDISE. *(I think they mean purchased or ordered).

    Have fun shopping and Spend Spend Spend!!!

    Use coupon code SPRING08 at BCBG.com!

    it says it's usable in store, but you need the actual coupon
  2. Thank you! But too bad the dress I want to buy for my brother's wedding is not available online. They only carry it in store.
    May I ask if your actual coupon was received by mail? I have been getting lots of catalogue but no coupon.
  3. Thanks for the great code! Does your information say when it expires?
  4. I got the coupon in my email. It says it expires May 3rd.
  5. I was at the Pasadena store today, and the SA said they're taking $100 off any purchase more than $300 (before tax). No coupon needed.
  6. Thanks Iruth718! I will call the store at Santana row first thing tomorrow morning to see if they can do that without the coupon.
    Thanks love_savvy for the info!
  7. thanks!