BC Pill question..

  1. Yesterday, my GYN prescribed me Yaz birth control pill. I've never been on the pill before, and my main reason for taking the pill is to help with monthly cramps(menstrual cramps throughout the whole month plus period cramps) due to possible endometriosis, so I am not using it for the purpose of birth control. Anyways, my question is when do I start it? Am I supposed to start it within the first 24 hours of my period or Sunday start(whatever that is) even though I am not using it for birth control? Is it okay to start it anytime? My period ended a week ago, so I wouldn't really want to wait to start the pill, plus my period has been so irregular, I could have my next period over a month from now, so I don't know. Also, has anyone ever taken Yaz? Any side effects?
  2. I've been on the pill forever, so I can't remember when you're supposed to start taking it ... sorry! But I am surprised that your doctor didn't explain anything to you. I would call your doctor and get all the answers you need there.
  3. This is one of my favorite resources for all things vagina- and female-related:


    Here is a list of information they have about Hormonal BCP:


    And here is an explanation of how you can start taking BCP:


    They are also a LJ community:


    There are many knowledgeable, friendly and accepting women (and men!!) there :smile:
  4. Thanks lorimatthews and lamiastella for the replies!!
    Lorimatthews: I am definitely going to call my GYN monday, it is a bit odd I got no explanation whatsoever, she just handed me the prescription.
    Lamiastella: Thanks so much for all the links, I am going to look at them now!!

    Please keep the replies coming!! Thanks! :smile:
  5. There may be instructions within the pill packet you received, as well, so be sure to check those. I don't know your gyn, of course, but if I were you, I would try and find one that explains things better and not just hands things to you with no explanation. Starting the pill for the first time is a big deal.
  6. ^Thanks for the reply, exotikittenx! I guess my GYN just assumed I knew what to do/how to use the pill? She just told me she would give me Yaz and it should help with the pain I've been having. But I am going to call her.
  7. I would still like to hear any thoughts on this, bump! :smile:
  8. Knowing the company that Yaz is made by, they have explicit directions in the box with the pills. Sorry to say that if your period ended a week ago. You are going to have to wait to start the pill. I believe, and tell me if I am wrong, but you should start the pill the day after your period ends. There are little stickers to mark days and weeks depending on how you are going to schedule it. However, I am SHOCKED, that your gyno DID NOT explain things to you as he handed you the perscription slip. :tdown: You should definitely call them on Monday.

    Oh and sometimes you have to find the BC that is right for you. I was on two different ones before the one I am on now because they were doing werid things to me.

    Good Luck!
  9. Start the day after perioud ends? LOL my GP told me to take it the 1st or 2nd day that my perioud starts!

    Enh.... I also didn't read the instruction packet...hrmm.. :sweatdrop:

    At any rate, i'm also on Yaz..this is my 1st time on this med, and i seem to be doing okay except i had some break thru bleeding earlier in the month.

    Umm.... if you're sexually active, i recommend using back up birthcontrol (spermicides, condoms, etc) until at least after the 1st month on the Pill. That way at least your body cycles thru a months dose of the pills and will figure out the cycles... and always always take it at the same time (or as close to it) every day.
  10. ^^ Yes my gyno (and the pharmacist) both stressed it's VITAL to use backup birth control for the first month or so of being on the Pill. AND you have to take it at pretty much the same time every day.
  11. I think you should be able to start your pill now. Your cycle will be all thrown off and you may not even menstruate anymore on this particular pill (which is the idea if you may have endometriosis), but if you are not taking it for birth control purposes, it should be safe to start it now.
  12. Thanks for the replies, i:heart:bags, junkenpo, pursegrrl, and jellybebe!! I appreciate is so much! I feel that it should be okay that I start it whenever, but tomorrow I am calling my GYN just to make sure it doesn't matter.

    Also, for those who have been on/are on the pill, especially Yaz, did anyone experience any side effects within the first couple days, like stomach upset?
  13. Purple,

    I'm on something similar to Yaz (called Yasminelle) and I did notice a bit of stomach upset this morning, but it's passed already.

  14. My friend is a rep who markets Yaz.

    What I suggest is that you really need to read your packet that came with your pills THOROUGHLY!! And if you continue to have questions, call your doctor.

    I would suggest Sunday start as it is the easiest, and if I'm correct, you don't have to have, or be on your period to start.

    Once again, read the packet, and talk with your doc.