BBOS Outlet Returns?

  1. I've only been a member for about a week or so, and this is my first time starting a thread. Hopefully it's okay to put this here, I'm sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times before.

    About a week ago I ordered a Kooba "Sienna" from the BBOS Outlet. Well, it arrived today and I have to say I am appalled at the condition. I knew the bag was going to be used *duh* but there are marks and scratches everywhere on it, the stitching is coming out in places and one of the knots at the end of the braided "tassels" has come undone. If they had sold this bag for $100 maybe it would have been worth it, but not at $350.

    So I'm going to return it and get a refund, but my question to you is, have any of you ever returned anything to BBOS outlet before? And if so, how smooth was the transaction and how quickly did you receive your money back?

    At this point, I may as well just save what I spent on this awful bag, and wait a month or so, then get a brand new one.

    Thanks for any insight/input you ladies may have. I appreciate it.
  2. I can't offer any advice, but I want to wish you luck for a smooth return and a better experience with your next bag. This one sounds like it shouldn't have been sold at all.
  3. Thank you for at least replying, I really appreciate it. :smile:

    I did a livechat with BBOS customer service and they told me how to return it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will go smoothly.