BBC America - Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond

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  1. Love Bond and will be watching!
  2. Love bond!
  3. Enjoyed it, next week looks good!
  4. I just watched and enjoyed it too! Love Dominic!
  5. Is anyone watching? This well...the scene with Fleming and the dark haired lady (forgive that I don't know her name) at the end was...interesting. :wtf::oh: Never read Fifty Shades but...
  6. Have not watched it yet, it's on the DVR, now you have me really curious , lol
  7. Uh, me too. Its sitting waiting for me to watch, but I decided to just wait until the season ends, then I'll spend a Sunday and watch it all.

    So, I'm getting out of here so I don't see spoilers.

  8. I wish I had BBC America still.
  9. Dang I can't remember her name right now either but agree with your :wtf::oh: and will raise you a :shocked: lol. I have read Fifty Shades and was caught off guard, the hubby and I both jumped at the
    double slap at the beginning and then our jaws dropped for the rest. The first ep did show them married and with some bondage so it looks like it works for them, :lol: I suppose we see now why Bond becomes the womanizer, he lost Moo and we must assume later the wife

    So far I think this has been really well done, it has a unique feel that I can't put into words. Wonderful acting and interesting characters. I think I prefer to see Bond at the top of his game always as he is in the movies but seeing how he made it there is a fun ride.
  11. Did anyone else watch the whole thing? I thought it was excellent! Had to do some checking via Wiki about Ian and Ann, I wanted to see how long she was married to Esmond and so forth. Found this article on her, turns out that she and Ian had a steamy S&M type relationship, so having that on the show wasn't pulled from no where, pretty fascinating.
  12. I watched and thought it was great too! Love the Bond movies so it was interesting to find out where the stories came from, etc. Ian and Ann's relationship was crazy steamy and violent and psychologically out there, that is for sure. Dominic Cooper did a fab job in the role as did the woman who played Ann. They both look a bit...crazy or wild in the eyes to me anyway. LOL! :P Glad I tuned in to watch. :cool:

  13. I thought they did an excellent job too, brilliant acting all around!