Bbags & Water/Rain/Weather - how to deal

  1. I think the raincoat idea is so cute (in the other thread) - but it got me thinking about my City bag and the rain.

    How does the leather fare when it gets wet? Does it stain or leave marks? My bag is black so maybe it wouldn't be too bad? I'm just nervous about using it in the rain.

    Do you use your b-bag in the rain? How has it held up?
  2. I use rain protectant spray for all my b bags but when it's raining or snowing.. I never carry them. I know the newer leather is better protected but older leathers are very delicate. I am too nervous to take the risk.
  3. I second that!....I use my crummy bags when it rains or I hide it under my coat, if I must carry my nice bags.
  4. today it was raining, and i took my City out for a walk - unfortunately i havent protected it with anything! :sad: but its ok, no stains or anything, she's alright!!! :smile:
  5. girl, use apple garde! hehe. ;)
  6. i put apple garde (guard?) on it... i hope that works! still no rain in LA so phew~
  7. i have had my bbags (old leather, light colours) out in the rain before, and while the water soaks into it and stays there for like an hour (and looks painfully terrible), it completely fades away once it dries, leaving no mark whatsoever; so, don't worry!
  8. My b-bags have survived rain before, no worries! I don't know if it's good long-term. I still need to get some kind of protectant for them.
  9. i have never treated any of my old smooshy leather bal bags. they get rain spots which totally fade out completely. enjoy you bag!
  10. Where can you purchase Apple guard?
  11. you can purchase apple garde at online... also, some burlington coat factory's carry the brand!
  12. Ooh, thanks for the tip!
  13. ^ no problem! :biggrin:
  14. My bags have gotten wet in the rain plenty of times and the spots always fade away. No stains or marks--anywhere.
  15. I think that's what the pricey leathers r for.. no stains even when it get wets.. that happens with my ferragamo bag too.. got wet several times but no stains or mark on it..