BBags - overpriced cat toys?! Pics...

  1. Hey all...BBags are the only handbags that I have to literally hide and elevate away from my cats!

    They love, love the tassles!! I truly believe they anticipate the days that I use a BBag and come running! They literally jump up, following me to the door when they see those happy tassles dangling along. It's hilarious, I :love: them.

    These are the only two shots I've captured and quite mellow - I'm really trying not to promote this attraction for obvious reasons. :rolleyes:

    Anyone else have this "problem"? :amuse:
    ramseybbag.jpg matelassekittie.jpg
  2. ooh, that's dangerous, but so funny!
  3. aww so cute :smile:
  4. yup! me! i have my lilac scratched by my sis' cat. thebag's stay in her house, too pain for me to see :crybaby:

    although the funny things is :
    my house mate's dog once bitten my friend's fake b bags tassels, while the dog never did that to my authentic b bags LOL
  5. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. Your kitties are so cute! and really, how can expect them t resist the lure of the dangly bits...
    Was it Allison's Twiggy that ended up being the infamous Kitty Twiggy? Was that ever changed hands so many times and yet was still always known as the Kitty Twiggy:lol:
  7. ^^LOL Smart doggie...he's been paying attention!!

    Never ceazes to amaze me, I got out my black matelasse today and they came running!!
  8. LOL, I need to look that one up!

    I also a pic (not sure where?) with their kitty sitting on a green bbag...gutsy!
  9. Thanks for the pics. I love the second pice where he is trying to steal the tassel, LOL. Luckily my 2 chi's have no interest in my bag and I don't let them have any oppertunities to smell the delicious leather.
  10. whenever i put my bag on my friend's bed, he always put it in the middle, afraid that the dog might do somthing and HE have to pay for my bag :roflmfao:

    different case with kitties though, they climbed!
    that's why i don't like kitties LOL sorry kitty lovers, but i think dog's more "manageable" LOL
  11. Ahhh...That's too cute!:yes:

    My cats used to be very attached to my tassels as well, but now they LEARN- not to mess with my overpriced bags! LOL>
  12. next to the tomato and the RV mini coin purse pic - these are the cutest pics i've seen of a b-bag! so adorable - i love how focused your cat is on batting the tassles, too cute...:p
  13. Cute kitty pics...yes cats really do love those tassels, one of my cats bit every single tassel clean off my chocolate, I had to buy new tassels:cursing:
  14. Oh I forgot to add, I don't let my cats come even close to my Bbags now:yes: I like my tassels too much:p
  15. What a good doggie!

    Myindulgence-your bags are beautiful! Esp the first. The second pic of your cat 'playing' with your tassle is priceless.

    What a cutie!