bbags newbie need purchase info

  1. Hi girls,

    I am starting to fall in love with bbags. I need to know how and where do you gals purchase your bbags. I am located in So Cali. I don't think there is a store here. Any info is appreciated.
  2. where in so cal? LA or southern central valley?
  3. I'm in CA too but I order my bags from Bal NY.
  4. I am closer to LA. I guess I will check out Barney's in Rodeo. Does anyone know about the store in Hawaii? I am going there in early Dec and I saw on that they have a store there and wondering if they have a good selection.
  5. Hello! I haven't personally bought anything from Aloha Rag, but there are many other PF'ers that have gotten their bags there. If you plan on visiting the store, I would suggest that you email them at to inquire what their current stock is a few days before you leave for your trip. They'll send you a PDF file of all the bags they have.
    Good luck, and have a great trip! :smile:
  6. cate22:

    thank you for the info. i will definitely e-mail them.
  7. There is a small shop in OC that sells them as well. Sometimes Barney's Co-op carries them too.
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