Bbags = Jellyfish?

  1. I am kind of thinking of getting an apple bbag for the spring - I think it would be SO cute with all the springy greens and yellows coming up for the season - but I can't help but think of jellyfish when I see a b-bag and associate it with being stung while on vacation in maui.

    the funny thing is that I have never really 'seen' a jellyfish but for some reason the bbags remind me of a jellybean and the tassles remind me of jellyfish. hahaa! Just something funny I wanted to share ;)
  2. I love:love: my jellyfish!:lol: :lol: :lol:

    Funny observation!!!
  3. That is so cute!! :amuse: I hope I will eventually have a whole "school" of B-bag jellyfish, then...
  4. That is so funny! My 3 year old calls my apple first my skittles purse.
  5. oh yea I can totally see that too LOL!
  6. That is just too adorable !! :lol:

    And don't worry, the only thing that a bbag will sting will be your checking account ! :amuse:
  7. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking...LOL! :lol:

    I just got my first b-bay and I am loving it! :nuts: Go for it!
  8. omg haha@checkbook sting. pretty clever!

    ya my girl just called and I asked her 'hey do you like the bbags' and before I could even finish my word, she squealed "YES!!!" and then she said "good luck trying to get one - there is a waiting list out here' (she lives on the east coast).

    is there really a waiting list? (I have my eye on the apple colored one)
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