Bbags in Taipei

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  1. Hi there ladies!

    Any idea if Bbags in Taipei is cheaper than Singapore? Which asia country is more worth to buy Bbag from?

    Are the selections wider and is there any duty free at the airport? Thanks in advance ;)
  2. I am from Taipei. As I know, the price is quite expensive here. The most cheapest price in Asia I think it sould be in Hong Kong. As you are a foreigner, you can get 5% tax returned in Taipei airport, but the price is still more expensive than USA.
  3. Hey there,
    I'm also from Taipei. I think the price here is expensive than in Singapore, I totally agree with ariellin5 that the best place to buy Balbags will be HK.
    For your reference, RH CITY --> $1600 USD,
    SGH CITY --> $2050 USD.