Bbags in pouring rain?

  1. right fellow Bbag lovers... i have a question for you all...

    have any of you used your Bbags (regardless of color) in the POURING RAIN???

    I'm soooo paranoid of my bags that I REFUSE to use my Bbags or Chanels (even LVs!) in the pouring rain... and where I live, when it rains, IT RAINS alright!

    but just in case... if i take it out one day and it starts pouring down... am I safe? (I've used AG but not sure if its pouring rain repellant KWIM?)

  2. I have carried my black bal in pouring rain (not just sprinkles) and it just made it smooshier and softer! I even spilled a half of a bottled water in my magenta and you truly can't tell. That is the beauty of these bags, they actually look better with use, and in my case, hard use! I encourage you to use them and enjoy them regardless of the weather!
  3. I do it all the time. I have a black 05 city - it loves the rain :love:
  4. addicted "C" bbags should be able to withstand the rain. i spilled something on my black city awhile ago and had to clean it off when i got home. i washed it off with water (3X) and the leather held up fine!!
  5. Great question! I've been wondering as well...especially since mine are unprotected!
  6. my sandstone city got caught in the rain the other day.. one handle in particular was almost black. my mom was freaking out lol.. but within 5 mins it dried up to normal :yes:
    may I use it when I have to justify anothe BBag to my DH??????
  8. My goodness, It is nice to know that Bbags will be handle rain just fine....
  9. In Seattle we don't usually get monsoon-style rain; we tend to get about five monsoons' worth of rain over the whole year. However, my Bbags have certainly been out in it when it was way beyond sprinkling, and all have held up beautifully. I have used Rain & Stain Repellant on the lighter ones, but the darker are unprotected.

    The only time I worry about my Bbags and water is in Disneyland, where I carry a plastic shopping bag folded up inside them to cover them with on wet rides. ;)
  10. I live in Florida and summer showers can come up fast with lots of wind and rain. Many of my bags have gotten wet including Balenciagas. I find the worst is LV, it spots the leather sometimes. Balenciaga's dry and look good as new. But I do use AG.
  11. Good to know!:tup: Now I won't have to worry about taking it out with it rains unlike my LV's which I never use when does.
  12. I do not use any type of product, and carry my bags in the rain. They dry up fine. I do tend to be careful in the pouring down rain though.
  13. Thank You!:yahoo: Thank you for starting this thread, i was really wondering how they would hold up, especially the Violet- wouldn't want purple hands!
  14. HEEHE....go for it girl!!!! LOL
  15. I've never been caught in the rain with a b-bag and it's good to know I don't have to freak out if I do.