BBags in NJ?

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  1. I'm in NJ this weekend and thinking of driving up to the Mall at Short Hills, does anyone know if they have any bbags at the NM or Saks there? Thanks!
  2. Short Hills NM has B-bags, Saks does not. Also the NM in Paramus sells them as well.
  3. I ordered my white bbag from NM at short hills. I think they told me they had white and black. This was last sunday when I spoke with them. I :love: short hills mall!!
  4. ^^^ The SAs in NM's handbag department are amazing!
  5. Awesome, thank you so much! So I gather it's worth the trip!
  6. I was at the mall on Tuesday and the NM had several b-bags in different colors and styles. My fav was cornflower blue!
  7. Oh my god, I'm freaking out over here, i need to get out of here so i can GO THERE!
  8. balenciaga store in ny has a wonderful collection and is only 40-50 minutes from short hills.

    ask for bandy at NM in short hills, she is fab.
  9. Paramus has a lot of them!!!
  10. King of prussia in Pa has the white medium city ,NM
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